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Monday, December 6, 2010

Greens the Season

Since yesterday's kale was such a hit, I couldn't help but make the rest of the bunch again for today's lunch even though I sort of wanted to save it for kale chips. Oh well, guess I'll just have to buy moreeeee kalllleeee.
But for today, I heated up some leftover quinoa to go with the braised kale and topped it with some marinara sauce we had in the fridge. The kale wasn't as good as yesterday but the quinoa was really, really good. I love the crunch of it and its cute little tails!

It was flurrying on and off all day today and I was working on and off on Christmas presents, so I decided to bake something Christmas-y that I've been seeing around the food blogs: peppermint brownies topped with candy cane crumbles (or, chunks, in my case). I used the brownie recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking and added a teaspoon of mint extract to the wet ingredients. Here's a prep shot, which I don't usually do mostly because my hands are covered in batter, etc. but the prep was set up like this without me intending it and I thought it looked cool with all the circles in a row.

No? Ahh, whatever. The orange bowl on the left contains the candy cane pieces which were IMPOSSIBLE to break up. Seriously, I had bring to out my hammer to crush them and then pieces just went flying all over the kitchen. So I ended up with some small sprinkles, which I baked onto the cake. These melted and disappeared. The bigger chunks, I had set aside and mostly topped the brownies with for appearance sake. Anyway, like I said, they taste alright.


  1. Kale, quinoa and marinara sounds like a winner to me. I love dinners like that which come together in a flash. :-)

    For the candy canes try putting them in a freezer bag and then bashing that on the counter. It should bust them up but not break the bag.


  2. Oh, duh! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks, Ali - next time!

  3. The brownies look amazing! What a nice idea!


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