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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MoFo Three: Blasphemy

I know this month is all about celebrating vegan food and I promise I'll never show you any gross meaty pictures like the one I saw in a cookbook today of a ham and pasta salad which, if I hadn't already been vegan would definitely have turned me off to meat. However, breakfast was inspired by a post on Kath Eats, which I love to read despite it not being a veg*n blog. I couldn't find the post I wanted to, but she had posted about a tempeh, jam, and cheese sandwich sometime back, which I wanted to make for dinner last night but for various reasons didn't make.
I was still thinking about it when I woke up but didn't want something so heavy so early. Anyway, I eventually just made a Tofutti, cranberry butter, and banana sandwich on Whole Wheat bread.

Please excuse the weirdly mottled coffee with hemp milk. Okay, so I guess my breakfast was nothing like Kath's but I still want to dry tempeh with jam!

Lunch was another salad, this time topped with tofu, the last of the pesto (who thought it'd be so hard to finish??), and red wine vinegar. Cherry Pie LARAbar for a snack as well as an apple from the Farmer's Market earlier in the day and more Echinacea tea.

Dinner was delicious, though RUDELY INTERRUPTED by my landlord and some potential renters of the apartment. I love how they give me OH, NO HEADS UP AT ALL. Anyway, dinner was not raw but an adaptation of raw pasta.

I had shredded zucchini topped with mashed sweet potato, jarred tomato sauce, chopped mushrooms, nooch, and red pepper flakes. Spinach on the side.

Oh and! Magic Hat's Winter seasonal beer (not so good but I had to buy it to taste it) and chocolate!

So, what's your vegan blasphemy? Any non-veg blogs or cookbooks you still love to browse?


  1. My favourite cook book is a book which must be 50 years old and was picked up in a charity shop for a pound! It is my favourite book and I always consult it.
    Happy MoFo'ing.

  2. Not a book, but I will watch 'Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins' if it happens to be on. All that food they show on the program could so easily be veganized and then the people eating it would not be so hefty.

  3. Mostly the only non vegan cookbooks I look at are the small ones to make fun things for kids at holidays- the kind that are always at the checkout aisle.

    I understand why that sandwich sounded good to you because every time I make tofu scramble, I crave jelly with toast to go with it.


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