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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mo-Fo Twenty-Two, the Move

Well, that's over with. My back hurts. I am getting too old for this crapola, but not too old to use the word "crapola."
I couldn't post yesterday night because we didn't have the internet so I sort of wandered the rooms aimlessly orienting myself and not so aimlessly unpacking.
There wasn't really much we could eat since we tried to get rid of a lot of it before the move but we came up with sweet potato and black bean mash. It had cayenne, cinnamon, and paprika thrown in. Thanks to my mother for the saucepan, because we don't own one of those yet - I've always lived with someone who had one.

I also needed something else - I had a carrot and a few Carrs' Whole Wheat crackers, which I really like.
And G's plate with mine on the clearest kitchen table I will ever have. He had some sort of veggie patty.

Here's La Grande Tour! (of the kitchen)
As you come in, on your left is the typical NY tiny stove, no counter, and sink:

Straight ahead is my favorite arrangement aka we have no cabinet space. While that IS true, I do really like this and the kitchen is large enough to handle it. It's actually better to have utensils and appliances at hand like this, and maybe having the cookbooks right there will inspire me to USE THEM. Haxan holding it down.

To the right is the refrigerator and table. No Harley Quinn appearance yet.

And something else I really love but perhaps gives me too much room and will make me buy too much is the pantry! We went to Home Depot right down the block and got this easy set-up to put in a kitchen closet:

Tomorrow's post will be on the task of filling a pantry! I love this stuff...Greg was working on the living room and hanging shower curtains and artwork while I organized the oils in size order on top of the fridge. Oy. Tomorrow's post might also feature a real meal, but not today - I set off the fire alarm trying to make dinner and that scared me away. For now, anyway; I gotta use that thing to make pretty much every Christmas present this year.


  1. Looks really nice and open. And your kitty kat isn't even feeling the need to hide. You're so lucky to live in NYC!

  2. Thanks Shen. I would love a stove with all the burners working, though...oh NY.


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