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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mo-Fo Twenty, Colorful Eating

Today's lunch was quite beautiful. Oh and tasty! I took a slice of the pumpkin lasagna and layered it over some arugula and topped it all with the roasted vegetables from last night's dinner. Nooch and black pepper rounded it out. Oh yes they did.

I was in a rush to eat because I had to pick up a few more groceries and I didn't want to get caught in a long line in my lunch break. I wish I'd taken more time to savor the food because I didn't need as much time at the store as I'd thought.
Dinner was easy because I was really hungry when I got home - a salad and two pieces of toasted rye bread with avocado and cucumber slices with hot sauce. I didn't think to take a picture, I'm sorry! Just imagine more vibrant green colors (here).
Then I moved on to some SERIOUS color, but unfortunately the goods were a bit of a dud. I made corn muffins with a cranberry sauce topping. The sauce was sort of my recipe and I cut back on sugar a lot:

(Frozen cranberries, apple cider, lemon zest, balsamic vinegar, about 3 Tbs sugar)

and the corn muffin recipe was from The Joy of Vegan Baking but I used applesauce instead of oil. I thought this plus the cranberry sauce would make for a really moist muffin but I didn't think about how I was using whole wheat flour...and virtually no fat...
Anyway, they are a little dry. I also expected the blob of cranberry sauce to sink into the middle of the muffin but that didn't happen, the dough being pretty dense.
I was going to bring these in to work to kick off Thanksgivingy stuff, but I'll keep them at home where I can heat them up and smother them in more jam or Earth Balance.
Oh well. Maybe some other time. They look pretty though.

The cranberry sauce totally stained the wooden spoon I stirred it with! I still have about 4 oz. of it left. It's pretty tart on its own, but I'm thinking it'll be good with some fruit in oatmeal.
Oh, hey - PS! One last cookbook giveaway! This one is for Jennifer McCann's Vegan Lunch Box. That Amazon link lets you see the Table of Contents and Index (the index is more helpful to see what recipes are in the book). I used to read her blog a lot, which I think is updated less these days now that she's a fame cookbook author, and bought this book as soon as I saw it came out. However, I don't know that I've made a single recipe from it in the three or so years I've had it. Oops. It is a little bit more about meal plans and pleasing a child's picky tastes than it is about coming up with novel recipes. It also relies on pre-made food more than I really enjoy.
That being said, the recipes look simple and easy and if you actually are cooking for a child (or an omni or a new vegan - or if you are any of these things yourself), they are good for transitioning. This is not to say there is nothing interesting in the book! There's a Wheat Gluten Pot Roast + gravy recipe, breadsticks, Cherry Chip Brownies, Fruit and Nut Bars, Vegan Fondue (!), etc. Look through the index for a taste.

So, to enter this giveaway, make me feel better about my muffins and tell me one of your recipe fails. Or maybe you all are perfect. Quite possible. Winners will be announced SATURDAY this time because I'm moving Sunday!


  1. I had a recipe fail yesterday, tried gluten free flour, not only did my muffns cave in but they tasted slightly beany. Another time I completely forgot to add salt to a dish and it tasted so bland. One time I forgot to set the timer on the oven and burnt the crap out of some cookies. Last week I made chocolate peanut butter pillows and forgot the maple syrup so I thought I would just add extra sugar and a bit more oil, they were sooo greasy. I have had many epic fails in the kitchen. But that's how we learn right?

  2. I keep seeing lasagna everywhere and I have never had vegan lasagna! Yours looks really and I love the roasted veggies on top, yummy :)

  3. Your pumpkin lasagna looks amazing! My biggest recipe fail was when I made some vegan brownies that called for a white vinegar. Somehow it made the brownies smell like cat pee and taste like it, too (not that I ever tasted a cat pee though :-) ) . It was full of ammonia and it made me cry. I tried it again the next day thinking that the baking soda was old or that the cocoa powder was rancid, so I went and bough all new ingredients. However, it turned out the same way, another smelly brownies. Then my friend suggested to use apple cider vinegar instead and that finally worked, it smelled like brownies and tasted great.

  4. I can't think of any specific recipe fail, but I think the worst recipes-gone-wrong are the ones that take a lot of time and/or expensive ingredients and are then underwhelming. There should be some kind of cosmic rule that if something is going to be really pricey or time consuming, it has to be amazing.

  5. Morgan - I'm not even a huge fan of lasagna or pasta in general but it is so easy to make and makes a lot. I've made a regular vegan lasagna before too, and they really do come out well. You should try it!
    and Elisabeth - that's bizarre; do you remember where the recipe came from?

  6. wow, what a glorious concoction. Lasagna on top of greens and topped with brussels!!?? I love love love lasagna. How is it even possible that you aren't a huge lasagna fan? I did not know that such a human condition existed. :)

  7. Oh I've had plenty of recipe fails! For ages I just thought I hated seitan because it was always all weird & lumpy & wet but then I tried the Viva Vegan recipes & I seem to have finally grasped it!

  8. The recipe was from Compassion Over Killing recipe booklet (here is the link to an online version I made it into brownies instead of a cake and didn't use any frosting. Maybe the frosting would have covered up the pee smell :-) Let me know if you ever try this recipe with the original white vinegar.


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