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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mo-Fo Thirteen, mostly Green Beans

Hey guys. This'll be a quick one. I am tired and was very hungry when I got home tonight because I try to never let more than four hours go between meals or else I get cranky but I went to an event tonight about nerdy radical research (hollaaaa) and didn't have a chance to eat (although Bluestockings technically has a vegan-friendly "cafe" - meaning they serve muffins and coffee from behind the regishtrer). Going to Bluestockings is always dangerous - I ALMOST picked up Jae's second book but restrained myself. I wish I had seen her speak there those weeks ago!
Anyway, when I got home I wanted something quick that wouldn't be too heavy, seeing as how it was kind of late and I don't really like to eat much later than 9. I ended up with:

Miso broth with chopped spinach, mushrooms and red pepper flakes and a plate of green beans. I also had a few mini multigrain crackers and a mini dark chocolate bar I picked up from TJs today, just cuz. I spent too much again, and I'm not sure how since we still need more vegetables. But I got arugula, which made a damn nice salad for lunch. No photo, sorry, but I'll probably be recreating it tomorrow.

What's your quick go-to food or meal?


  1. Quick meals are my specialty LOL. I like to make miso soup, "unfried" rice, green smoothies, salad with hummus and salsa to name a few. Dan teases me that I am never more than 10 minutes away from a meal when I am hungry. Probably because I get cranky when I need to eat. ;-)


  2. Soup is pretty much always the way to go, no? I get cranky too when I don't eat. It's amazing the power food really has on our mental well-being as well as physical.

  3. You love to eat on top of reading material. What's that about?

  4. Haha, I think I'm hoping for some sort of osmosis reading. In my house, there is nothing that isn't reading material. Oy.


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