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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mo-Fo Nine, Giveaway Time

I haven't been putting much effort into the eats of late, seeing as how all my free time is spent panicking or meeting people about an apartment G and I are moving into. This should all be over soon - he and I are hopefully signing the lease for a really cute place tomorrow. Maybe then I'll bake some celebration food.

What I want to share for now is one other aspect of this impending move that's making me nervous: the amount of freakin books I own. I work in a bookstore, receiving (or seeing other people receive) about 75% of everything that comes through the store. This, paired with my tiny bit of an obsession with purchasing every single vegan cookbook out there lends to a very hefty collection. Here's most of them, but I know I'm missing at least one other (Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau - Wherefore art thou??).

That makes 48, if you're counting. SO here's where you, the lovely reader, come in.
I'm going to give way one cookbook for the last three weekends of the MoFo Month.

First up is Student's Go Vegan Cookbook. It took me a long time to decide whether or not the title was grammatically correct, and I'm still not sure. That aside, it's a solid little book with a lot of simple and quick recipes with a short recipe list and easily acquirable ingredients. I've made a few recipes from it: Cinnamon-Maple Granola, Marinara sauce, and Quinoa Tabouli but it's not really necessary for me to hang on to. A few other recipes that pop out at me as intriguing are: Indonesian Tempeh Stew, Rustic Olive Rolls, Ten-Minute Brownies (!), and Sweet-Potato Wraps with Chutney. This is the Amazon link, if you're interested in checking that out.
So, to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post listing your top three cookbooks. I'll let you know who won on Sunday. In the meantimey - let your friends know (preferably ones who will cook for you).
Oh, and here's my cat in a bag. It's relevant because it's a Whole Foods bag!


  1. FAB give away and I definitely have cook book envy.
    My favourite 3 cook books that I own in reverse order are:
    3. Rose Elliot - The Supreme Vegetarian
    2. Veganomicon
    1. The complete Housewife's Cook Book

  2. Oooh - Supreme Vegetarian, eh? Never seen that one...
    I hope you all know that your lists are just fodder to give me more ideas of what to buy!

  3. Hmmm my top three cookbooks?

    I'd probably have to say Veganomicon (such a huge collection of amazing recipes) Viva Vegan (I wasn't expecting to LOVE everything I tried from this cookbook) & Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World (it tought me to bake!)

  4. 1. Vegan with a Vengeance
    2. The Vegan Family Cookbook
    3. Viva Vegan

  5. Oohh...
    1. VWAV
    2. Eat Drink and Be Vegan
    3. Fresh from the Vegetarian Slowcooker (Not vegan but everything is veganizable very easily)

  6. Wow, my top three cookbooks that is tough.

    1. Culinary Artistry. Not vegan nor actually a cookbook but I use it every week. It is fabulous if you like to create recipes.
    2. On Food and Cooking. Again not a cookbook but a tome on food science. If you are food geek it is invaluable.
    3. The Professional Chef. Also not vegan but very useful for ideas of things to veganize.

    Love the kitty in a bag picture. What is it about cats and paper bags? My felines love bags and boxes. *shakes head* What goes through their little heads?


  7. Ali, Culinary Artistry sounds pretty interesting. So that's where you get your inspiration from, eh?
    p.s. I leave random bags and boxes out because it cracks me up to see my cat climb in and sit or lie there peacefully, but my house is sort of starting to look like I just leave garbage everywhere!

  8. Hmm...I really don't have very many cookbooks, surprisingly...since I love books, and I love food. Here are 3 of the ones I actually own and use:

    one of Ani's raw books, I also have one of Matthew's raw books; I can't remember the names of them and don't want to go downstairs to look

    Ultimate Uncheese

    vegan lunchbox

    did you post your giveaway on the mofo giveaway forum? not that I want to hurt my chances or anything...

  9. A cute cat in a bag! My cats love to play in WF paper bags as well, but I have to cut the handles first otherwise they get it stuck around their heads and freak out.......Your cat looks exactly like my Bear he has the same face.


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