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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mo-Fo Fifteen, Slacking, so a Product Review

I've been really slacking off on the blogging front. Eating I totally have under control, though.
Breakfasts are oatmeal, etc. Lunch is always a salad. Dinner of late has been rye bread with hummus, mushrooms, and arugula. Seriously, I love that peppery green! I've even been passing up my beloved spinach!
You guys don't want to see the same stuff over and over. However, today I bought one of these for the first time ever, fueled by some sugary need.

Has anyone else tried these? What do you think? I usually like something sweet after my meal, but this was really too sweet for me. I'm more used to a vegan dark chocolate and this (maybe this is what some people like about it) was more light and milk-chocolatey. It has also been a VERY long time since I've had a Three Musketeers bar, which is what this Buccaneer imitates (I do like their clever name associations) and I can't remember if I ever liked them. The Buccaneer may have been better if it had something in it to break up the creamy, cloying sweetness - more like the Mahalo. Anyway. Nothing healthy here but maybe I'll at least have something tasty to show you tomorrow.
What's your favorite vegan junk food?
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  1. I haven't had one of those but that is because we mostly gave up sugar. It is hard to find candy worth eating without it.

    I favorite vegan junk food is whole wheat pizza or baked chips with vegan queso. As my diet gets cleaner my idea of junk food has too. ;-)


  2. I don't mind seeing the same stuff over & over. that's why I post, so others can see veganism is an easy way to live. Wait. That doesn't sound so great.

    Any way, yeah, love the Jokerz, Twilights, Maholos and the Buccaeneers!

  3. Ali, I wish I had your sense of self-control!
    Shen, thanks for your response even if it came out wrong - that's a good way of thinking about it. You happen to be in luck if you don't mind the same thing over and over because that's all I've got over here these days.


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