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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mo-Fo Eight, What's the Going Rate?

On Mondays I like to get my chores and errands done for the week, which includes a grocery outing, though it's usually supplemented throughout the week. G and I were a little busy, trying to look for apartments, schedule times to see apartments, the usual work schedule, his band practice, my anxiety (yes, I'm so worried about time management I have to schedule time in my planner to freak out), life's usual loops, etc.
So I swept and mopped and worked on my food zine, mostly to clear up the mess of magazines I have, clipping recipes, food ideas, news, comics...and put the rest out for recycling. Again, if anyone is interested in receiving a copy of my vegan zine (with recipes, comics, poems, essays, food news and ramblings), leave a comment, or e-mail me at antimaud(at)hotmail(dot)com. Hey, Kittee! Want to trade? When I finally had time to run out to the market to pick up some produce this was the haul:

Acorn squash (so excited to use this), bell peppers, tomatoes, loose beets, mushrooms, Organic Girl 50/50, broccoli, and "health" bread. The total for this was 10.45, which I know because I save receipts (I know). Sometimes I am too lazy to go to more than one store in a day, but I usually know-if not where the best deals for the week are-where the consistently cheapest staples are.
So my question to any readers who stumble upon humble FoodFeud is: you guys are coming from all over the world. What is the cheapest produce by you? How much do you pay for your "produce staples" - that is, the perishables you always use, always buy, and always need to have on hand? Do you shop at farmer's markets to avoid fluctuating seasonal prices? Do you clip coupons and shop around with a planned grocery list, or do you purchase on impulse any vegetables you see that strike your fancy?
I've mentioned before my menu-planning proclivities. Most of these vegetables went right into the huge weekly salad G and I make (and have sorely been missing of late), but the Acorn squash is dying to be stuffed with chickpeas and quinoa (both of which I have in the pantry and do not want to move with).
The mushrooms...well, I may just pop those suckers one by one into my mouf.


  1. Yes, I would like to get on your zine list:
    I just read the weekly grocery ads and stock up if something is super cheap. Coupons and grocery lists just form more clutter in my purse;-(

  2. Yeah, I have a stocking up problem. I hauled home 4 huge cans of pumpkin puree the other day...that stuff is HEAVY.

  3. Tough questions...I usually have a list I've made from recipes...and then the usual staples of bananas, baby carrots, apples, tomatoes, etc...I'm sort of an impulse buyer so I'm really of no help to you at all. :) I'm really bad about buying "what's in season" - I never know what that is. I rarely use coupons - only the ones that are sitting at the checkout line at Whole Foods. And I buy those Entertainment books that are full of coupons...they cost $20 but there are way over that amount of coupons for WF alone so it's worth it for us. I have like 5 of them in my purse. And they're pretty heavy. And I only made it to the farmers market twice this year, sadly enough.


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