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Friday, October 22, 2010

White, Orange, and Green

What can I say, I'm Irish. Looking over the day's meal photos, I realize that everything looks exactly the same! Boring for you, tasty for me.

Breakfast was another Whole Wheat wrap, this time with pumpkin butter, a banana, and almond butter.

At 12ish I had a Gala apple and around 2, I had another damn Apple pie LARAbar.
When lunch rolled around, I wasn't too hungry, but ate my salad like a good little girl:

Spinach, zucchini, and FYH Cheddar added on top of the last of our slowly oldening salad.

Annndddd dinner,

This was really tasty. Yet another WW Wrap, topped with garlic hummus, mashed sweet potato, and spinach! So good.

Um then G went out and I made his "birthday cake," which is actually recipe I veganized from a Martha Stewart cookie book for Apple-Cherry Crumble Bars.

Man-o. Veganizing the recipe really only meant subbing Earth Balance for real, unsalted butter, but it was stressful since Madame Martha is so perfect in all of her presentations and everything. I almost felt her looking over my shoulder at the mess I was making in my tiny, butter-free kitchen. Also I played around with sugars and moisture since Earth Balance has salt in it. Sorry my phood photography skills are not up to par...
They're okay. Could be moister and sweeter both. Oh but here's Greg's drawing of the cake he REALLY wishes he got.

What he DID get as a present is these (sort of) food-related grossoid magnets: ABC Gum! As seen in the Seventeen Magazine gift guide Kind of cute, though, yeah?

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  1. Was not expecting a 'crumble' for the bday cake. Greg is a very talented cartoonist. Thanks for the links to his comics & the magnets.


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