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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calm before the Storm, Food before the Fast

Breakfast was boring. Same thing as yesterday, so no photo. Also I was sleepy, so no photo. However, it WAS notable in that while eating, I was browsing your blogs and realized that today was NYC VegFest!, held right up the block from where I work, and whooo but Terry Hope Romero was presenting?!
And! She was presenting (doing a trivia game from what I gather) right around the time I take lunch.

I sat off to the side of the park a bit, to avoid the crowds and ate:

Broccoli, FYH cheddar, greens, beets, carrots, pepper, tomato, and zucchini with a mustard-red wine vinegar dressing with hemp seeds from Jenny!.

Then I hustled on over to the VegFest but appparently missed Terry and her trivia, so I just wandered around the farmer's market and picked up more beets, broccoli, and peppers for tonight's dinner, as well as an apple to snack on. VegFest was a bust for me, I guess, but if anyone from NYC was there, let me know how it was.

For dinner, I had another salad and rye bread with the pesto and a slice of tofu. Dessert was the last cupcake, with cinnamon cashew cream raaahhhther than chocolate icing. Same idea.
Also, G and I will probably be doing a three day fast next week. Any suggestions? I was thinking, 1)raw foods, 2)one raw meal and juices and 3)juice fast. We'll see though because we're going to see The Corin Tucker Band play!! Yay!!


  1. I thought a fast meant you weren't supposed to eat anything? Sounds like you are doing a cleanse/detox? Sorry, can't help you with either, but the hemp seeds sound unique. Lots of Omega-3's I suppose.

  2. Ah yeah I guess it is more of a cleanse, the terms are sort of interchangeable with me..
    The hemp seeds are good - they add a tiny bit of crunch without a distinguishable taste but I feel healthier, at least.


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