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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yuck. I had a bad night yesterday involving beer, too much beer, too much sugar, and too much food in general. And a weird nighttime outing which lead to another beer. Oy. So I'm a big baby and I'm staying home today. I took two aspirins and still have a headache, maybe because I didn't finish my coffee?

Here's a pathetic photo that really explains it all:

Yah, there's one of the many empty beers, half-finished coffee, advil, and...pickles. I had two because I heard they're good for upset stomachs. It is sort of helping.
Maybe I'll eat some real food later and show you that when I stop feeling sorry for my stupid self.


  1. Pickles? I think you have your hangover remedies mixed up with your pregnancy cravings.

  2. Haha, pickles help everything! I heard the vinegar and salt helps queasiness?


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