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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Food, then Food

So, on the saving money on food front: not working. I guess this month I'm just working more on a more accurate tally of how much I really do spend in a month. Sunday I spent $2.50 on an Amazing Grass bar because I was invited to my parents' for lunch...but then there was nothing I could eat there. My sister made crab cakes, cornbread, and a salad (topped with non-vegan dressing, so). I ate some carrots, a banana, and a bit of bread and hung out with these dudes:

When I got home I had to run right back out to see Inception with Greg. It's a long movie and I was hungry and knew I wouldn't have a chance to eat so, yeah, I grabbed a $2.50 bar. Eh.

Anyways, yesterday I didn't have much food around so I made this sort of sad sandwich:

It was tasty enough, just lacking in vegetables. I actually put tomato paste on one slice of bread because I don't have any tomatoes! Otherwise it is spinach, hummus, tofu, and onion. Whatever.
Then I had to go into the city for NEW VITAMINS! These are the old ones, grossy gross gross.
I stopped at the Union Square Farmer's Market as well as the neighborhood grocery on the way back and these are the goods:
Purple Peppers! An orange tomato that looks like a butt! So, yeah. Whole Foods actually has a sale on both squash and peppers right now that would have been cheaper than the Farmer's Market but I'm happier to give local farms my money for tastier vegetables. And butt-shaped ones especially.


  1. I can see showing up at your parent's house and not finding anything to eat, but to actually be "invited"...Harsh, Dude.

  2. That IS so with your sad little banana and carrot...and I only say that because I've had to eat plenty of those kind of meals of my business, but did they THINK there was something for you to eat?


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