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Saturday, July 24, 2010

STRANDZIG Bake Sale #4

I do believe I've mentioned it before, but G and I put out this magazine at work called Strandzig, which is a collection of art and literature and whatever-the-hell else that the employees at our store give us. To offset printing costs, and sort of to increase interest and/or morale, we've taken to having a bakesale prior to an issue's release. I also just need a reason to bake sometimes.
I made a smaller selection of baked goods this time, but it was good because I used a lot of stuff that I already had around. I made a repeat of Lindsay's zucchini muffins to use up my last zucchini, brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts in cupcake form, this time from Colleen Patrick Goudreau's Joy of Vegan Baking (I feel like every time I make a brownie I use a different recipe); as well as her Oatmeal Raspberry bars.
First to go were the Oatmeal Raspberry bars. I didn't taste them, but heard they were delicious. Next liked were the brownies, which didn't all go - the recipe made 15 cupcakes - but got rave reviews, and of course, people are lame about healthy sounding goods, so there were also a few zucchini muffins leftover.

Just between you and me, I mess baking up ALL the damn time especially for things like this where I'm anxious to please. I actually left out both vanilla extract and soy milk (!) from Linday's muffins but they still tasted really good! Bizarre. I also used half AP flour to use it up this time. The brownies I ran out of cocoa powder halfway and had to run to the grocery store at 9 pm with the oven still on, and with the raspberry bars, I had the whole base pressed into the pan before I realized I hadn't yet added sugar! Luckily, that disaster was averted.
We made some bucks, I sweated a ton, and I got more baking practice in.
I'd really love to be able to sell these somehow. I should get on that.

G and I are having yet another dinner party tomorrow. 3rd weekend in a row! Let's cross our fingers. The menu is going to be salad, polenta with red pepper sauce, stuffed bell peppers AND my very first homemade cake! I'll let you know.


  1. Oh, my gosh, you sound like the same kind of baker I am. I always start something and realize I'm out of an ingredient and try to make do...and I just have a hard time following a recipe exacty, anyway. I'm trying to work on that. I can't believe you made a dessert and didn't try it! Good luck on your cake!

  2. I had my baking disaster last week with some blueberry rocks aka "muffins". I'm not throwing them away though. I'll gnaw on them all in good time.

  3. True--baking for other people is *stressful* which I why I never do it! This all looks good, tho!


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