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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raw Week Update

Hey. Raw's been good. Except for yesterday morning when I woke up hungover and ate TWO bananas, TOO much almond butter and then a bunch of figs (maybe 6?). I really like figs but you definitely only need to eat a few. I wasn't hungry at all the rest of the day, though; I actually had to force myself to eat.
That, I would say was one of the things I did wrong on the detox. At the beginning of the week, I bought way too much produce and felt like I had to use it up just so that it wouldn't go bad. I always over-buy, or over-make. I was looking at Gena's Choosing Raw website, which I really like, and it says that one of the things people do wrong when transitioning to a raw food diet is going overboard with expensive, intensive, and probably all too fattening recipes. Raw is really easy. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds: how hard can it be?
But part of the fun is also making something that you wouldn't otherwise and so I did: Raw Pad Thai. I thinned out the recipe a lot but it is zucchini and carrot "noodles" and some pea sprouts in an almond butter based sauce: almond butter, water, dates (!), lemon juice, sea salt, jalapeno, scallion..maybe some other stuff. I used The Complete Book of Raw Food by Lori Baird as a reference guide. It was really tasty but sitting around in my refrigerator, it got soggy and I had to actually make time to eat it, interspersing it with cleaner foods especially since Gena makes a good point in that raw food can be really fatty with all the nuts and oil. It is what it is.

I ate a lot of salads this week too, but I kind of always do. Even with drinking, I feel good about the week. I could have done better but I didn't stop, at least. I'm stubborn like that. Also good: I baked a bunch this week but didn't eat any of it. Greg and I made cookies last night for Father's Day on Sunday and I had made scones for a family get-together later today.
The cookies were a bit of a disaster. Ugh. But they look alright. Shockolate Ship and Cherry-Almond cookies (Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar). White Chocolate-Walnut-Coconut scones (Joy of Vegan Baking).

People ate the vegan scones but the only comments I heard on them were my cousin, "Yr scones are a hit." and my mom, "How much did you stir these? I just got a bite of salt." I gave my cousin some more copies of old Umlauts.

So, the raw rundown. I felt a lot of energy this week, and I think my appetite controlled itself. I'm almost disappointed now about the non-raw foods I have in my fridge. Coffee is good, I need to cut back on my drinking and nuts make me really gassy.
Yesterday sucked food-wise in that I realized you really do need to plan ahead if yr going out raw. I had a banana and almond butter in the morning and a glass of green juice later and then snacked on an apple in the car to my cousins'. That was it for the day, minus the three beers that made me sleepy. I expected some sort of crudites at least. Bah. Now I know.

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  1. Hey nice blog! Good job trying to go raw! It's hard, but you definitely feel better while doing it :) I'm following your blog now. Check mine out when you can!


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