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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Quite Tolerable Day

Anywhoozles, Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone grilled up, like, a half a horse and seven all-ham beefburgers in honor of the dead. I'll stop being an asshole because this weekend has been nice.
Kiki Smith at the Brooklyn Museum was great, though I like her installation pieces more than the sketches. People in NY should go check her out. I'd like to get out there more often.
We fueled the morning with coffee and organic bananas, which I'm convinced taste better than conventional bananas - moreso than organic fruit usually does but it might just be that without pesticides and stuff, they ripen quicker?
Post-Museum was fueled with a bit of an anomaly in that we ate out. It was a nice change of pace, especially since we got tacos at a Mexican place and I never bother to make that type of stuff for myself. Chavellas, I think the place was called and it was really pretty tasty. I got a roasted vegetable taco, which had squash, mushrooms, peppers, lettuce and guacamole.
When I got back I had some applesauce with wheat germ and walnut pieces, an iced coffee and headed out to make copies of Umlaut 12. I also picked up some groceries for dinner: Rudi's organic Whole Wheat bread, baby spinach, jalapeno hummus, some um dark chocolate because I couldn't help it, and vegan cheese (also weird, I know).
Hence dinner:

Half of a hummus, tomato, spinach, and cheese sandwich and a small(?) salad of spinach, cucumber, sprouts, and carrot just to get more vegetables in. The sandwich was really tasty; it would have been better with onion on it...I'm glad I did dinner like this, though: it was light, and I usually make a whole sandwich and end up piling way too much stuff on it and then it falls apart. Also pictured is a Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier which, while tasty, did not taste like blackberry. Don't worry, Greg, I got it covered. Then I worked a little for Umlaut Lucky 13 and scanned through cookbooks and Robert Paarlberg's Food Politics. It looks interesting but I can't give it too much time right now. Right, Mr. Norrell?

Enough for now. I went for a nice run this morning so hopefully breakfast will be light with not too much coffee. I'll put pictures of the rest of the day up later if I can. Have a lovely one; it's nice out.

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