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Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to Baking

Wahoo new computer and man does it work quickly.
I have a backlog of things to show you, but for now: today.
Breakfast was oatmeal with banana and shaved unsweetened coconut. The coconut flavor was pretty subtle, and yes, I could have added more but I didn't. Honestly, anything I could have done would have only been pathetic in light of the previous days breakfasts: Mango, banana, and coconut. Oh man. So good. I wanted to buy a mango again today but I guess I forgot to look. These bananas were organic and so, so delicious. Like melting candy.
Anyway, then I went grocery shopping, a bit unnecessarily, but I did really need a few specific things. I went to Trader Joe's and then a market close to home. I at least got a good bit of walking in while traipsing around.
When I got home, I had the last of my salad - would you believe I never thought to do it, but I made a big salad the other day to eat for the next few days. Usually I just make one serving at a time. This is so much easier and a real time saver. It is also Greg's influence. Smart boy.

This is greens mix, cucumber, green beans, broccoli, carrot, onion, tomato, more freakin' capers and crumbled tofu and green beans with the last of TJ's cilantro-jalapeno hummus. This was really, really good.

After this, I made ginger muffins. It's been a while since I've baked. My roommate made ginger ale the other day, of all things, and had a pound of leftover grated ginger and nothing to do with it.

I love ginger and this was really spicy and good - he cooked it with a ton of sugar and actually cut a green chili pepper into it - but the best thing about this stuff is the weird little ginger hairs! Ha!
Sooo I loosely, loosely based my recipe on one for ginger muffins in The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I didn't add any more sugar since the ginger was cooked in it but I chopped in an apple for a little more sweetness and to complement the ginger, I didn't add any oil because I don't like it, and I figured the moist ginger would also take the place of that...some other stuff. I think the lemon seeds that got into the mix particularly lent something to the taste.

They are definitely not very sweet, but I'm glad I didn't add more sugar. I like healthier tasting muffins and these would be good to save and eat for breakfast for something quick and easy. I topped mine with honey and ate two. But that's okay! Healthy!

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