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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Bah! Easter was okay. Lemon water, then green tea, an organic pink apple, and later some dried apricots. I didn’t really ease back into chewable foods but it didn’t seem to do any wrong. I can’t wait for coffee, but I’m sort of surprised how quickly the caffeine withdrawal headaches went away and considering that coffee isn’t great for you maybe I should just give it up now. Mm...nah. Maybe that’s why I was so tired all the time, not due to a lack of food.

Lookit my pudgy little apple hand!

I went to my parents with quinoa tabouli, the poppyseed cake from Sweet and Natural Desserts (there were tahini and tofu both in the batter!), and makings for salad: baby spinach, red pepper, broccoli, and carrots.
I tried the quinoa (my first time making it and only second time eating it!) but didn’t eat much of it – I was afraid of the oil. Mostly I had salad. They also had roasted lamb and roasted potatoes on the barbeque. I love the taste of roasted potatoes but I think those days are going to have to be over, so I didn’t eat one. I also picked at a piece of the poppyseed cake, which they picked over but seemed to enjoy well enough. I liked it. It wasn’t very sweet and I definitely got a piece of sea salt. Maybe I shouldn’t bake with it since it’s so coarse. I thought it would, ah, melt. Is that dumb? Yes and what is also dumb is how I deleted all the photos of the iced poppyseed cake. It looked pretty, even after my dad stopped the car short and the cake went flying onto the floor (covered).

Most of the food got left with them; I hope they eat it. Stuff seems to sit around at their house for quite some time. I did take some pieces of cake away to share with Greg and Andy, who I went to hang out with after the folks’.
Andrew and I drank some beers and talked for a while. I had also had about three small glasses of wine at my parents’ so I guess I was pretty drunk when I got home. Oy, here we go: So I made pasta, which I put on a bed of the last of the spinach and a chopped up tomato. I topped it with a little Earth Balance and nutritional yeast (and some pepper and capers I think). Not so bad, but it was pretty late and I’d rather not eat so late but THEN I also ate a shit ton more dried apricots while watching the last of Shadows and Fog (which, while being okay, has taken me 3 nights to finish).
My question is: How bad is it to overeat food if it’s relatively healthy food?
So that sucks. Good riddance, detox. Good night, all.

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