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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Week Detox, days 5 and 6

So that all brings us up to date.
Both Friday and today, Saturday, I had to prepare Master Cleanse concentrate (2 TBs lemon juice, 2 TBs maple syrup with the cayenne to be added later to each serving) because I was going to be at work and obviously would not be able to be slicing lemons in the breakroom. This method is used only if necessary and isn’t optimal for the cleanse. Another problem I sort of had with the drink was due to laziness on my part: I didn’t buy purified water but assumed the water in the cooler in the breakroom was. Who knows. Here she be: This makes about 3 servings (my breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Friday began with a cup of laxative tea, oy, as prescribed. Let’s just say it made for an awkward time at work. I was actually supposed to drink a cup Thursday night as well but didn’t. I had 4 cups of the Master Cleanse lemonade Friday and actually felt like I was flying pretty high but that could have been the beautiful weather, the beautiful boy, or lightheadedness in general. I must say, I never really did get hungry or miss food or feel like cheating.
That night I had another cup of laxative tea before bed.
Saturday was a little tougher. Another day started with laxative tea, though I was thinking of not since I was up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom. I was tired all day and my stomach was cramping but I never really did get hungry. It sure is bizarre to poop when you haven't eaten anything solid for about 52 hours. Makes you think, eh?
I guess I'm proud of myself for having done what I set out to but I'm not sure what I gained from it. I almost wanted to just eat when I got home today but that was because I was upset and if I have learned anything, I generally feel better mentally and physically in denying myself things than indulging.
Anyway, I made poppy (not poopy) seed cake for Easter tomorrow and in the process used up the last of the maple syrup (I actually needed to substitute some agave syrup - Lord knows how this will turn out) so I can't have anymore Cleanse lemonade, although I am kind of hungry now probably due in part to the smell of the cake. I need Greg here to lick the bowl to tell me if the batter will be okay. Oy!

So, yeah, I made it and as I said I feel pretty ambivalent about it all. I feel as though I should go longer so that the halfassedness is sort of countered, but if I haven't been doing it whole-heartedly this far, why push a fake cleanse? I mean, I had made my own guidelines and went above and beyond those. I'm also a little confused as to what to do about eating tomorrow. I've made the cake and I'm going to make some quinoa for my parents but I feel like going headfirst right back into solid food will both make me sick and cancel out all the positive things the cleanse has done.
For sure I won't eat until after church, but then what? Green tea? An apple? A softer fruit, perhaps? I guess we'll see what happens. Happy Easter.

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