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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baseball backtrack

You know what, as long as the internet is letting me do this, let's backtrack to another important day of eating: Mets' Opening Day!

In the morning, I went for a walk and visited a different grocery store than I usually go to and picked up some fig preserves because my mom had been raving about it since having it when my parents visited my sister in Barcelona. I bought two jars, one for myself, and had some on bread with banana and almond butter. I felt quite Mediterranean, though perhaps wrongly. Maybe if I added coconut.

Then I roamed a little more, smelled some flowers, picked up some Polish beer (Oh, dear Ridgewood), made it home jess in time and had a salad while listening to the game. They won! (That was then, this is now - though they did win their second in a row for the first time last night)

I don't think I had these that day, but Greg brought peanuts back from Lawng Island, though I won't give LI shit if they have babies like these out there.

Thanks, G. Let's go Mets.

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