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Saturday, September 26, 2009

breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries and a spoonful of jam, coffee with sugar
AMPT energy at work
lunch: salad - lettuce, beets, whole carrot, cherry tomatoes, nooch + black pepper, Gala apple
snack: gum and a banana
home: coffee, tea, an orange, beers with G
money spent: 9 on beer, 2 on the banana and gum

today so far:
breakfast: white nectarine, maple brown sugar granola bar
mid-morning snack: ENTIRE package of Yves vegan ham. WHY? and! Fuji apple. I'm not even hungry and I'm just planning my next meal. I'm also drinking more coffee. As if I need the caffeine.

Went to the grocery store, which I also don't need and got 2 apples, Arnold's Sandwich Thins, 40 Spices Tribe Hummus, baby spinach, and soy milk because Rich drinks mine. That kind of gets annoying. Especially since he always gets cereal and I only use it for coffee, really. Eh. $16.90, plus .75 for fruit for Greg and I and the $4.98 for the fake ham and granola bar. Oy vey.

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