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Marmalade Umlaut

This is a page to tell you a little bit more about my food zine, Marmalade Umlaut. I started this zine in late 2007 and there are 25 issues at present (April 2014) which are released (just about) every two months. I include poems, recipes, rants and raves, doodles, tips, and games of sorts, etc. As a caveat, I was but a punk, drunk youth when I started these! Earlier issues (until about #6 or so) are a bit...brash. FYI.

Here's a rundown of the issues:
#1: Pretty much what you can expect from a first issue of anything. But interesting as a piece of, uhm, history.
#2: Kind of scary, as I was sort of a drunk at this point.
#3: More vegan guilt tripping/ problems with ED but recipes for biscuits and gravy
#4: Weird drunk stuff, OCD food lists, and a recipe for German chocolate cake
#5: Lots of pumpkin recipes, freaking out for the holidays
#6: Dada food, the first appearance of friend and confidant, Greg Farrell
#7: Food in season, word search
#8: Doodles and comics, vague recipes
#9: Christmas 09 issue, so I tone things down a bit. VCIYCJ Pumpkin Pie Brownies and review by Michelle here
#10: Highlights include a great food comic strip from Greg and a lot of Woody Allen
#11: Easter experience and detox recipes
#12: "Foodie quiz", personal comic about how crazy I am, seasonal spring stuff
#13: Raw food, food word games
#14: Back to school issue: historical foodstuffs, baking measurements
#15: "The OCDs of Cooking," moving with a fridge full of food
#16: Food word games, recipe for squash muffins, survey
#17: My friend Chris, sexy recipes! Reviewed by Molly, here and Kala here. (Thanks, guys!)
#18: Summer things to be excited about, raw salads, Dinner Party comic, vegan body care. Rose takes beautiful photos and presents food so well, I'm honored to have had her review a couple zines and make one of the raw salad recipes, shown here.
#19: Food pantry round up, fall recipes, how to love fresh produce in the cold weather
#20: Recipe from Spain from my sister, Blackberry tart recipe from my friend, vacation food projects, Riot Grrrl and Veganism
#21: Back after a 6 month break or so, still feeling it out. Lots of me crying about how I hated this apartment, a weird comic, chai latte recipe, raw breakfast burrito, vegan caesar salad dressing
#22: I moved and am so, so, so much happier in this issue. Queens love. Guava-mango bread, food word games, food unreviews. A little racy, ha.
#23: Summertimey! Vietnamese soup, me being crazy (big surprise!) Food stamp challenge round up, veganized tapas from Cadiz in honor of my sister, Sangria, music-food doodles.

                                                                         Issue 23

#24: Oct 2013. Lots of Sebadoh references. A neurotic comic, gingery red lentil daal, stuff about my tattoos cuz I am so cool!!!!
#25 April 2014. Two neurotic comics, a vegan tea party, new vegan food product reviews, Eat Pretty book review
#26 July 2014. An interview with my dancer friend Andrea about how food fuels her, favorite summer beverages, tawkin bout Salad Samurai, summer jam: spoiler - it's The Julie Ruin!
#27 September 2014. Vegan DC, Southern recipes, a doughnut recipe from my COOL friend Rachel, a dip recipe from my COOL friend Kirsten, a dinner party, baseball.
#28 January 2015. Taking care of yrself in the aftermath of a break-up, a food celebrity punk-rock-off starring Isa and Brooks Headley, a recipe from my dad so you know it's good.
#29 April 2015. The story of my abortion, the friends and foods that helped me through it. Includes an "abortion smoothie" recipe, which is tastier than it sounds.
#30 August 2015. my personal favorite issue. Radical foods, a Brooklyn Zine Fest rundown, bothering my friend with annoying food questions comic, Atlanta reportback.

                                                                          Issue 31

#31 November 2015. The SEX issue aka the Lost Issue. Very few people have seen this one. written at the height of a manic episode, so that's fun. MF Doom recipe and rap stuff.
#32 February 2016. Ranting about sugar via Ian Svenonius, squash curry and other blizzard-appropriate food, an ice cream soup recipe from dear, dear friend Mr. ScotVolz
#33 May 2016. The Larry Bird issue. A very caffeinated issue. Coffee comic, dumpstered food + Evasion essay.
#34 July 2016. The prison issue. With a largish piece from collaborator/co-conspirator Jarrod muhfuggin Shanahan on how to stay vegan in prison. There are 2 recipes, food to use in a last minute riot as a weapon, and a summer bucket list. Compare yr own!

                                                                           Issue 34

Each issue ranges from 16 to 20 pages.
I'm selling each issue for $4 apiece, S and H included.
E-mail me if you have any other questions, comments, suggestions, or would like a free copy to review. Thanks!