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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Feminist Art before the Feminist Zine Fest

Hello fellow vegan travelers on earth! Here is some food I've been eating:

TJ everything bagel with tofu cc and coffee. Never again with the TJ bagels. They're bread! Not bagel! People not in NY do not be fooled! People in NY do not attempt!

raw chard, roasted squash, tomatoes, the rice and lentil dish with red pepper hummus on top

                                         sauteed chard, tempeh, mushrooms, and onions

        sauteed chard, rice + lentils, tomatoes, roasted beets, tahini dressing. garlicky + good

smoothie: spinach, blueberries, frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter, Amazing Grass antioxidant berry powder

I think I mentioned I'm taking a few staycation days. After the smoothie and some hot coffee, made it out to the Brooklyn Museum for a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit. So lovely. Maybe one day I'll turn a staycation into an actual vacation and visit her museum in New Mexico.

There is a feminist wing at the museum; they were also showcasing Beverly Buchanan, who I don't think I'd heard of before. She did a lot of land art installations based around rocks.

                                   Couldn't leave without visiting the Marilyn Minter exhibit either.

   a very cold bike ride home led me to leftovers: tempeh, mushroom, squash, spinach stirfry.

and by the time I had warmed up I remember some ice cream in the fridge. I love Luna & Larry's but this was not the best flavor, only because the pb in the ice cream hardened up so much that I had to bite to eat it. But not bad overall.
Stay warm, or cool if you're in a warm place. I can't wait until it's nice enough to bike around without 4 layers on. See ya soon.


  1. I think I'm understanding what you mean about the TJ's "bagel". It's probably the same reason that 10 years ago I tried an Einstein "bagel" and thought: "this isn't a bagel". Oh, the things they do!

    Hooray for staycation! They can be better than the hassle of a full trip. Unless it is to an island. Or to a castle. Then, you should go.

  2. Staycations are the best! All of your meals look really tasty. I've never had a real NYC bagel, but I've been disappointed in a lot of bagels I've bought at the store. I recently tried a gluten free bagel, and it was the worst!!

  3. Staycations are really pleasing - the joy of just taking a bit of time to slow down and enjoy your home can't be overstated. Looks like you spent your time in the company of some excellent art. Bit disturbing about the bagel though - how wrong can you go with a bagel?!

  4. I'm so jealous of your staycation! That sounds fantastic to go see museums and catch up on exhibits. Do you have an NYC ID? I got one a while back, you get free admission to a bunch of great museums.
    Oh no, trader joe's "bagels" are really shamefull! I remember buying the pumpkin "bagels" one year and i was so pissed they were so bad i even brought them back to get my $3 refunded! I remember a plastic-y outside and cotton-like innards. Bad news.

  5. I have been resisting visiting NM, but between the GOK museum and the world's largest pistachio, I really don't know what I'm waiting for.

    I too was really disappointed with that CB flavor. I've been addicted to NadaMoo of late- particularly when they're on sale.

  6. I think TJ's bagels are 99% of the bagels you can get in the UK. Just bagel shaped bread, it's always so sad!

  7. I've always wanted to visit the south west. How bout you and I rendezvous at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in New Mexico ;) You make me want to pick up some toothy mushrooms for a stirfry, all your bowls looks so good. I never gone beyond Coconut Bliss's Strawberry or vanilla cause they're my favorite.

  8. So many antioxidents! I feel healthier just reading this post.

    It is great and inspiring that you take advantage of the culture in NY. Your 'staycation' would be an expensive 'vacation' for me and many others.

    Agreed on the TJ's Bagels (and, as Unknown said, the Pumpkin ones are particularly egregious). Unlike Ingrid, I was okay with Einstein's. You have zero reason to ever buy Bagels in a grocery store, what is the deal?


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