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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Family birthday party AND MORE!!!! WOW

My uncle turned 70 the other weekend, and some extended out-of-town family was serendipitously around, so we had a surprise brunch for him.

                     ate a banana with pb beforehand in case it wasn't vegan-friendly at the party

                                              this was my job - slicing oranges for mimosas

     bagels, fruit salad, salad, grilled asparagus, other non-vegan stuff I don't need to mention

                                                         most importantly....the coffee

                                      1/4 bagel, bloody mary, salad, fruit, jam was my plate

did a bad job of prep this week, mostly due to the fact that I kept forgetting to buy groceries to have anything to prep with. So, WF salad bar lunch: greens, roasted red pepper, roasted sweet potato, falafel balls, tahini sauce, sriracha

                                is organic candy supposed to make me feel better about eating it?

                     Enough empty space in the fridge that this little lady jumped in to investigate

Dinner was a smoothie - had frozen kale, 1 last frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, some pilfered mango chunks from my roommate, and almond milk. Did the job.

            last of the pb, oats, goji berries + dried cranberries, blueberries, almond milk

more WF: greens, roasted butternut squash, roasted beets, tomatoes, 1 samosa, sweet chili pepper soy nuggets. Random but good.

                                                  Peacefood chocolate chip cookie :)

                                  teaaaaaa (it's supposed to help with cramps, and I guess it did)

               oats, a crumbled Bobo's oat bar in pb flavor, goji berries, banana, almond milk

Suja early afternoon snack. I've been working pretty feverishly on finishing up some zines for the Feminist Zine Fair at Barnard on March 5, so I sat at my desk and this juice fueled me until my brain had just had enough.

At which point, I jumped on my bike. It was almost 70 degrees on Friday! Rode to the Williamsburg waterfront, sat and read, grabbed some coffee, visited some bookstores, and rode back home....
See y'all soon.


  1. I love the word mimosa - it always sounds so much classier than the English equivalent (Buck's fizz sounds grim in comparison!) Love the view and the chilled kitty pics! And I'm pretty sure organic sweets are a health food, one of your five a day or something. That's my excuse anyway.

    1. Haha! I actually like the term Buck's fizz! But it sounds like a completely different drink, something much more butch. Likely with scotch.
      You're right - those candy were fruit juice sweetened! I'm good.

  2. Love the PB and Banana pic. I cant abide the price of PB down here, so I rarely partake at home.

    Great looking fruit salad at your Uncle's party. Seems very vegan friendly.

    The Peacefood Chocolate Chip Cookie is also a standout of the post...almost as much as you dropping the word "roommate" oh so casually. Who is the roommate with the Mango?!

    1. Hard to believe bananas aren't local! But I do know you love pb & banana. It holds its shape much better than almond butter, which is way too drippy.
      The cookie was fantastic.
      The roommate is some random craiglist dope. He cooks bacon so I take his mango.

    2. Ugh! Gross! Your roommate sounds wretched! And Bananas are local it's the PB that isnt.

  3. Ah what a stunner of a bike ride! I almost pulled mine out of the basement but it just snowed again :/ I can't wait to get back on the bike!

    1. It wasn't a long ride, but it was nice to get out. People were saying it was like summer, which wasn't QUITE true. Once it gets really nice the rides will be more scenic. We're just lucky to have a nice waterfront.


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