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Monday, January 23, 2017

Bready, Cozy

These cinnamon raisin mini-bagels are making breakfast cute lately...

                                                         with Tofutti cream cheese

dear friend Greg Farrell wrote another book. This one lets your anxiety just go to town. I read it with some coffee the other morning. Underneath was reading material from another friend, a zine called Times New Roman (Sad Vacation.) I'm Worried That is sold on ama*on, TNR you'll have to ask a punk for.

             bought a pound of blackberries the other day, and have been enjoying them greatly.

                                   really nice za'atar pita from the local European goods market

   so I made a bread salad, haha. Spinach, tomatoes, tofu, mushroom, olives, pita, hummus.
                                                              beautiful sleepy fluffy

                                    beautiful foggy skyline. Greenpoint side looking into the city.

                                                 still with the lentil soup. pita for dipping.

                                and a treat from the Euro market as well. mmmmmmmmmmm


  1. I so love the marzipan Ritter bars!! And lentil soup, and pita with Za'atar, and Haxan!

  2. Mmm...that pita looks wonderful! I'm back on gluten today. YAY!!! So now I can FINALLY have a bready bagel. And now I also want pita.

  3. Bready and cozy is pretty much everything I want in life. I'm a big fan of the RItter bars - if I could blend them and inject intravenously, I would.

  4. I love those photos of the foggy night skyline! Just gorgeous. And so is Haxan! The bagel is drool worthy...

  5. That marzipan ritter is the best!! Nice find with the pita, looks like it's a nice fat fluffy one. Lentil soup actually multiplies in the refridgerator i swear.... i like a nice gob of dijon on it or some pesto to change it up a bit. Mini bagels are fun!
    I could not maybe ever read that zine, i got enough I'm already worried about!!

  6. I am relieved Greg is able to so successfully move on and even thrive after losing you. Really thought you two were gonna go the distance.

    Haxan has been really pulling out the cuteness stops lately.

  7. I really like that Ritter when it's frozen, also D hates marzipan so I get the added satisfaction of him asking for a piece then recoiling when he realizes what it is, makes it taste even 'finer' the skyline and Hax are soooo beaut! xo


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