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Monday, January 23, 2017

Bready, Cozy

These cinnamon raisin mini-bagels are making breakfast cute lately...

                                                         with Tofutti cream cheese

dear friend Greg Farrell wrote another book. This one lets your anxiety just go to town. I read it with some coffee the other morning. Underneath was reading material from another friend, a zine called Times New Roman (Sad Vacation.) I'm Worried That is sold on ama*on, TNR you'll have to ask a punk for.

             bought a pound of blackberries the other day, and have been enjoying them greatly.

                                   really nice za'atar pita from the local European goods market

   so I made a bread salad, haha. Spinach, tomatoes, tofu, mushroom, olives, pita, hummus.
                                                              beautiful sleepy fluffy

                                    beautiful foggy skyline. Greenpoint side looking into the city.

                                                 still with the lentil soup. pita for dipping.

                                and a treat from the Euro market as well. mmmmmmmmmmm

Friday, January 20, 2017


Hola, hola. Writing this while I listen to the lead-up to the Inauguration and trying to come to terms with it all. Took the day off work and am planning on taking a long bike ride & reading. Anyway. Here's some food I've been eating:

                                almost too much tofu cc on an everything bagel from The Bean

Jarrod's folks were in town for a day. We met them for a play and some food at Dojo in the West Village. This is the Vegan mama plate. Brown rice, steamed vegetables, and tofu with their famous carrot-ginger dressing on the side.

I mentioned last post I'm trying to teach myself Spanish. Also taking the opportunity to brush up on my French, which I learned through high school. Here's my "I'm vegan and I'm in France" vocab chat. No, sorry, no fromage either :(

        Kale, banana, orange, vanilla protein powder, almond milk + chia seed smoothie


                                                                  lentil soup prep

                            soup for the week +. also with mushrooms, turmeric, and spinach.

                                                      Haxan's over it. me too little baby.

my friends at 8 Ball Zines took over a storefront for the week leading up to the inauguration and hosted events and their radio show. This picture was from a poetry reading. I also went to a talk on the women's movement in Rojava later that week. Other events were movie screenings: a martin Luther King Jr. doc, Lizzie Borden's Born in Flames, one on John Berger - they also hosted garage sales with proceeds going to incarcerated women, and a sign making space for the Women's march tomorrow. good to be with good people doing good things in these times.

                                     other good things: pineapple and blackberry breakfasts

                        big salads: roasted beet, avocado, spinach, chickpea, tomato, nooch
                            homemade trail mix: walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries, cacao nibs

and new treats: Theo almond butter cups. I prefer their PB cups, and prefer Justin's to either, but here we are. Here we go.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lo Que Comia (What I Ate)

Hola mis amigos. I'm trying to teach myself Spanish because I feel like an IDIOT living in New York, or even this country, and not being able to speak Spanish. It's slow going and I'm probably going to annoyingly practice on you guys... haha. I'm at the food portion of vocabulary, so.

Actually, this is fitting. my friend Andy got back from a month in Mexico and brought back with him some tortillas and mole from an indigenous market so he made dinner! The cheese is Daiya. The rest of it is just mole sauce and avocado plus onions. Queso, mole, aguacate, y cebolla.

 Next morning still going strong with aguacate on a bagel (rosquilla!) with black salt and cayenne. Plus cafe.

lunch (almuerzo) ensalada: rice + chickpea, roasted beets, acorn squash, raw kale, tahini dressing. (arroz y garbanzo, remolacha, la calabaza, y col rizado.)

 For new years, I bought soba noodles, as the length is supposed to be good luck. It was a pretty quiet night - Jarrod and I stayed in and drank seltzer and watched the OA (!!!!) but I'm glad for it. Anyway this noodle bowl is soba noodles, los hongos (mushrooms), kale, and miso broth.

I dared to drink on the wild side - a slightly higher alcohol content kombucha and my beautiful gato negro.

 Another noodle bowl: soba, tofu, carrot (las zanahorias), broccoli, los hongos, and a spicy Korean sauce.

Noodles again, apparently. Spinach (espinaca), soba, lentils (lenteja), remolacha y coliflor with a tahini sauce, parsley, and cracked black pepper.
There were a few lunches this week with roasted sweet potatoes, beets, lentils, and raw collards, but I guess I didn't photograph a damn one.
Desayuno this morning: oats (avena) with tahini, raisins, and banana. Cafe on the side.
That's all for now. maybe something interesting will happen food-wise this week. I hope you feel like you learned something in this post,and it wasn't just annoying, haha! I may keep my lessons from now on off the blog but this was fun, thank you for humoring me. Also. Feel free to point out how wrong I am with my vocabulary!!!