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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas first! Lest we forget!
The day started with Jarrod and I gorging before the gorging: cinnamon rolls (vegan, from a can, not homemade)

            tofu scramble with spinach and mushrooms, and Field Roast breakfast sausages.

I brought vegan cheese to Thanksgiving and that went over well, so I did that again. Different brand:

I made fennel-chard tarts for Thanksgiving 6 years ago and seemed to remember that going over well, so I did that again too.

                                                              appetizer table spread

                                                                     the dinner table

my one and only plate: not much to look at but everything was so good (and all vegan, except fish, which I didn't eat, obviously). Rice with mushrooms and leeks, braised bok choy, stuffed pumpkin, and a chickpea cutlet (made by moi) (Isa's double recipe from her new Superfun Times Holiday Cookbook) on top.

                               my brother in his tiny little santa hat, haha, plus some of the table

all vegan dessert tray! mochi, marzipan, and raw cocoa-orange date balls (made by moi) (since I didn't trust my oven) That recipe was good old Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's from Vegan Table.

Fruit salad on the side AND my friend Erica also came and made vegan B&W cookies!! Isa representing hard this year. They came out delicious and beautiful. And it was so nice to have her there
A few of us took a walk through the nearby park after dinner and everything was all really pleasant. Not too much food, no getting wasted, no fights, and really good people.

To close, here is my oldest friend, Esther (Santa) and myself saying Merry Christmas from 1995.


  1. Why was there fish on your plate?

  2. I love the picture!! Looks like a delicious day!!

  3. What an extravaganza! I love when you post about your Mom's dinner parties. Look at the detail on the silverware and the way the wine glasses are upside down on the table. Plus all the framed photos on the wall look so interesting. The Santa hats on the chairs.

    You could have broken this one up into three or four separate posts.

    Cant believe it has been six years since I made that Chard and Fennel Tart. I recall it was a lot of work.

  4. Looks like a really chill and heart filled xmas. Are the chick pea cutlets done with the flour or cooked beans? I dont have that cook book and I think my next cb purchase is Lisette Kriescher's Ocean Greens. Your '95 christmas greeting is the best!

  5. What a fantastic day of food! Breakfast looks fabulous, especially that cinnamon roll. How was the Treeline cheese? I never know what vegan cheeses are worth the price so it's hard for me to want to try new ones.
    How impressive those chard tarts are! How great that there were so many vegan dishes at dinner, looks like it was a wonderful way to celebrate

  6. Yes!!! I love this Christmas post, and wish I could jump through the photos to join you. Gorgeous tarts - I've never made one, and am super impressed with yours! I love the shot of the appetizer and dinner table - it looks very idyllic and charming for the holidays!


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