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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey guys, hope the beginning of the holiday season isn't bringing you the craziness it sometimes does. Thanksgiving here was a nice affair. Jarrod and I got out all the stress the night before, baking and cooking a little in advance before bringing it over to my folks' house, where there was a nice group of 11 friends and family.
I baked Tuesday night to have gingerbread cupcakes to freeze and this happened...

I knew my oven ran a little on the hot side and in anticipation of that, turned it down a little but still. So I dumped these, opened the window to let all the gingery smoke out, and bought an oven thermometer. Turns out my oven is 100+ degrees hotter than it says! I re-baked a ginger loaf Wednesday night with the oven door even cracked open a little bit!! It actually won't stay cool enough at a stable 350 otherwise. Results to follow.
The rest of it:

Thanksgiving breakfast: oats, frozen chopped strawberries, dried cranberries, almond butter, cinnamon, soy milk

bought this cashew based "goat-style" cheese at the pop-up shop at market hotel. With nuts and cranberries, rolled in some herb I didn't pay attention to. we had rice crackers and bruschetta toasts to smear it on.

                                  the table, two big salads that went mostly untouched, bread

                  1 of 2 appetizer tables: olives, crudites with hummus and guacamole, chips

                                      homemade hummus I brought, with carmelized onions

                          Jarrod's mashed potatoes with red onion, lots of garlic and cilantro

                                                                   1 appetizer plate

dinner plate: polenta/mushroom/white bean/leek stuffing I made (modified Nava Atlas recipe from Vegan Holiday Kitchen), steamed green beans, my aunt's tofu+squash dish, spicy Indian cauliflower and potatoes, Jarrod's mashed potatoes. Plus cranberry sauce.
And about that gingerbread loaf...

I would say it was a success! The original plan was Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World gingerbread cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting. When they burned, I found Angela's pumpkin gingerbread recipe and made that, plus the lemon frosting rather than her spiced buttercream, since I had bought all the ingredients. Now I have to figure out what to bake for Christmas...hmm now to take a casual scroll through the entire internet.
While we're at it... try the pie


  1. Looks like a delicious day. That vegan goat cheese log is right up my alley, in my pregan days goat cheese was one of my favorites!
    Caramelized onion hummus is my absolute favorite hummus ever!
    When I lived in PA. I had a wonky off temperature oven and it drove me insane!

    1. The carmelized onion hummus was a random whim, but it worked! However, i took the leftovers home and promptly forgot about it and it went bad. What a bummer.

  2. Next year, I'm coming over! This looks fantastic! We had 15 people, and your spread seems much more delicious.

    So funny about your oven temperature! I'm glad you were able to figure out the correct heat - what a crazy situation! But, the gingerbread loaf looks divine...

    1. 15 is a lot! Do your relatives eat what you make as well, or do you cook mainly for yrself?

  3. Wow! 100 degrees hotter! Glad you got that thermometer. And glad the loaf turned out. :-) That Thanksgiving spread looks fantastic!!

    1. Yeah, me too! When I got the last oven fixed, they threw out the old thermometer with it...

  4. Poor little muffins. I had my share of Thanksgiving cooking mishaps this year, but none as dramatic as that. Sounds like it's time to have the oven fixed again! Your gingerbread looks perfect, as does the rest of the food you made for Thanksgiving.

    1. Really, I should have noticed beforehand that they were burning to smoky crisps but I'm not sure they could have been saved. Luckily, yes! I kept an extra keen eye on the gingerbread.

  5. What a fantastic meal! I want a family member who makes a great tofu dish. Your stuffing sounds amazing- stuffing is totally my favorite dish (unfortunately there was another guest who brought the stuffing this year and it was somehow terrible, but everything else was yummy)
    I think you were meant to ruin the cupcakes because that loaf looks incredible..!!
    Gotta love crap appliances in nyc rental apts- i have to use a long match to light my oven every time i want to use it. Landlord could care less.

    1. Agggh NYC landlords!! It's so dangerous! Especially now that I am thinking of the Oakland fire.
      my aunt has made that tofu/squash dish many times before, it's fantastic. You could forward the recipe along to yr family members :) it's on the NYT website.
      I would have been so bummed if the loaf ALSO didn't turn out but luckily that wasn't the case.

  6. What an excellent post. Everything looks ideal...except...did Jarrod really put Cilantro in the Mashed Potatoes or were you just checking to see if we were paying attention.

    You both seem to enjoy using a fork to smooth out the tops of your dishes.

    Wonder why the Salads didnt get touched, they look good.

    Like all the Icing on your Loaf. As always, appreciate you posting on the meals at your Mom's.

  7. Wow, a 100 degree disparity is pretty ridiculous! There's a 25 degree difference at the place I'm staying now and it took some super burnt banana bread for me to figure that one out. I love the look of that caramelised onion hummus - one of the supermarkets here sells caramelised onion hummus but there are no bits of onion or anything, it's all just blended in which seems less fun!


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