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Monday, November 7, 2016

Market Hotel vegan pop-up and Fall food

Hi friends,
my phone stopped working when I got caught biking in a rainstorm last weekend and I lost a bunch of photos, which is a bit of a bummer. Jarrod and I spent Halloween eve making a buncha fall food: pumpkin mac & cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds, apple pie with coconut whipped cream. On the upside, the new phone has a nicer camera and I've been taking advantage to photograph as many meals as I remember to.

                                                   Jalapeno bagel with Tofutti cc

                        WF bar: steamed garlicky broccoli & cauliflower, buffalo soy nuggets

                                         an old colonial recipe for... Cock Ale, with sack in it.

  smoky, spicy collard greens, roasted kabocha squash and tempeh, over rice + pinto beans

apple pie oatmeal with the leftover apples from the apple pie Jarrod and I made: apples, spices, sugar, oats, almonds, raisins, almond milk

                                  lunch leftovers of the collards, squash, tempeh, rice & beans

my friend V from Oakland makes zines! And works in a chocolate factory! So she sent me some awesome vegan chocolate and her new issue of Vacation. Zine friends are good people.

Peacefood banana bread. Lightly toasted, with FYH cc (I prefer Tofutti but this was on sale) and coffee for a decadent breakfast.
There was a vegan pop-up shop at Market Hotel in Bushwick on Sunday. I don't often go because of the crowds and the food that I don't really need to be eating or spending money on, but I got tattooed earlier that day and it ended up being less than I'd thought, so with the extra $$ burning a hole in my pocket, I
picked up some treats.

Peaceful Provisions Mexican hot chocolate donut. Hard to see, but there is chocolate filling inside. Yes that's a vegan marshmallow on top.

 PP pumpkin donut with pepitas. There was also a filling in this one!

No trip to a vegan pop up would be complete without a Gone Pie treat. Here, a pumpkin blondie.
Also stopped by the Fanciful Fox table for a white magic face scrub, shown here with the rest of my "beauty routine," which is less a routine and more...something else. Fanciful Fox just opened up a store in Bushwick too, and I've been meaning to stop by! Congratulations to Kath on that.

Oh, bonus pic Jarrod took of the (slightly deconsructed but very delicious) apple pie with that damn whipped cream (coconut cream, powdered sugar, vanilla) and our carved pumpkin cat:

That is all for now. Hope yr having a lovely festive fall.


  1. Oooh, that pumpkin doughnut looks amazing! And that WF bar meal. Love, love, love those nuggets, but our WF never has them when I really NEED them. Love the cat pumpkin!

  2. Wow — the new camera is really good! Now the food pics are making me even hungrier than they used to. After I eat the collards, kabocha and tempeh, I want the pumpkin blondie!

  3. I want the Mexican hot chocolate doughnut! They all look amazing. I've actually never had a vegan doughnut. To balance, the collard greens are making me crave greens! I love your cat pumpkin!

  4. Never knew Sack was another word for Sherry. When I use to drink (so long ago now) in the winter we loved swigging back a little sherry at night before heading back outside, sweet/sour and a lighter % than the other winter favorite: whiskey. Haha I put a bottle of sherry in a secret santa work game thinking it was an awesome gift and the person who opened it held the bottle up and said 'What derelict put sherry in the game?!' I was grinning as she opened it then was crest fallen, she must have thought it was going to be a bottle of froufrou wine. I love your cat pumpkin, did you eat it later or let it rot out as a lantern?

  5. So much lovely fall food, so many questions about cock and sack ale. I'll take the pumpkin donut anyhow. That wouldn't leave a bad taste in the mouth, so to speak...

  6. Yaya for the newer, nicer camera :)
    These all look so yummy. I love pumpkin!

  7. Pumpkin mac and cheese sounds fantastic! Smokey collard greens are beyond me, i just can't get them *quite right* so when the craving hits i pick them up at the soul food place near me that makes a killer vegan version (potentially the only began item they have aside from the "steamed" veggies in a pool of oil....)

    Bummer that you lost photos from your old phone but these pics look great! Especially that blondie....
    Leftover coconut whipped cream on coffee is totally part of a balanced breakfast ;)

  8. Baking a Pie together is so romantic!

    I felt a twinge of jealousy over your WF's Hot Bar purchase, but the Virginia WFs never had the good stuff like the NYC WFs anyway.

    Speaking of anyway, when will you learn to take better care of your things????


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