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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey guys, hope the beginning of the holiday season isn't bringing you the craziness it sometimes does. Thanksgiving here was a nice affair. Jarrod and I got out all the stress the night before, baking and cooking a little in advance before bringing it over to my folks' house, where there was a nice group of 11 friends and family.
I baked Tuesday night to have gingerbread cupcakes to freeze and this happened...

I knew my oven ran a little on the hot side and in anticipation of that, turned it down a little but still. So I dumped these, opened the window to let all the gingery smoke out, and bought an oven thermometer. Turns out my oven is 100+ degrees hotter than it says! I re-baked a ginger loaf Wednesday night with the oven door even cracked open a little bit!! It actually won't stay cool enough at a stable 350 otherwise. Results to follow.
The rest of it:

Thanksgiving breakfast: oats, frozen chopped strawberries, dried cranberries, almond butter, cinnamon, soy milk

bought this cashew based "goat-style" cheese at the pop-up shop at market hotel. With nuts and cranberries, rolled in some herb I didn't pay attention to. we had rice crackers and bruschetta toasts to smear it on.

                                  the table, two big salads that went mostly untouched, bread

                  1 of 2 appetizer tables: olives, crudites with hummus and guacamole, chips

                                      homemade hummus I brought, with carmelized onions

                          Jarrod's mashed potatoes with red onion, lots of garlic and cilantro

                                                                   1 appetizer plate

dinner plate: polenta/mushroom/white bean/leek stuffing I made (modified Nava Atlas recipe from Vegan Holiday Kitchen), steamed green beans, my aunt's tofu+squash dish, spicy Indian cauliflower and potatoes, Jarrod's mashed potatoes. Plus cranberry sauce.
And about that gingerbread loaf...

I would say it was a success! The original plan was Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World gingerbread cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting. When they burned, I found Angela's pumpkin gingerbread recipe and made that, plus the lemon frosting rather than her spiced buttercream, since I had bought all the ingredients. Now I have to figure out what to bake for Christmas...hmm now to take a casual scroll through the entire internet.
While we're at it... try the pie

Sunday, November 20, 2016

By Chloe, balanced with vegetables

some vegetables before I overwhelm you with sugar:

                                     rice, broccoli & black beans, avocado, baba ganoush
my friend J and I met up on monday to talk about politics and vegan food. He has been to the new Chloe Coscarelli bakery now a few times and can't stop going back for mini pies. I joined him to legitimize his gluttony. And indulge in some myself.

                                 banana coconut cream pie (mines), chocolate cream pie (his)

eaten, plus a red velvet cupcake. The chocolate sprinkles on top may have looked like rat droppings but it tasted fine. OK, better than fine. Very good. Gluttony legitimized.

                                   we didn't eat these: pecan pies, pumpkin pies, apple pies
                                       ///////Back to yr regularly scheduled programming!!!///////

 ramen with miso broth, tofu, seaweed, scallion, jalapeno, mushroom, avocado, and sesame oil.

                                        chickpeas, tahini + nooch roasted Brussels sprouts

   sauteed spinach, onion, mushrooms, and tofu, plopped post-photo with baba ghanoush

                                                             Lil Hax stealin my water

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gettin Through the weeks


                         coffee, blueberry soy yogurt with oats, almonds, dried cranberries

         sauteed broccoli, tempeh with Braggs, roasted sweet potato, all dusted with cayenne

tired feet post-protest march on Wednesday. a friend and I let lose some frustration and fury at the results of the election by running up the streets of manhattan yelling. We found tiny pumpkins on display outside some bougie store and held them above our heads, trying to channel feeling any bit of power. It's hard to know what else to do right now, just be good to the good people around you.

miso soup with some sweet potato blended into the broth. also: spinach, scallion, carrot, seaweed, tofu

                                                currently reading. It's giving me some hope.

soft ginger molasses cookie that you can find in some delis around the city. Not bad, huge and very sweet.
Hope everyone is doing alright. Stay strong.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Market Hotel vegan pop-up and Fall food

Hi friends,
my phone stopped working when I got caught biking in a rainstorm last weekend and I lost a bunch of photos, which is a bit of a bummer. Jarrod and I spent Halloween eve making a buncha fall food: pumpkin mac & cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds, apple pie with coconut whipped cream. On the upside, the new phone has a nicer camera and I've been taking advantage to photograph as many meals as I remember to.

                                                   Jalapeno bagel with Tofutti cc

                        WF bar: steamed garlicky broccoli & cauliflower, buffalo soy nuggets

                                         an old colonial recipe for... Cock Ale, with sack in it.

  smoky, spicy collard greens, roasted kabocha squash and tempeh, over rice + pinto beans

apple pie oatmeal with the leftover apples from the apple pie Jarrod and I made: apples, spices, sugar, oats, almonds, raisins, almond milk

                                  lunch leftovers of the collards, squash, tempeh, rice & beans

my friend V from Oakland makes zines! And works in a chocolate factory! So she sent me some awesome vegan chocolate and her new issue of Vacation. Zine friends are good people.

Peacefood banana bread. Lightly toasted, with FYH cc (I prefer Tofutti but this was on sale) and coffee for a decadent breakfast.
There was a vegan pop-up shop at Market Hotel in Bushwick on Sunday. I don't often go because of the crowds and the food that I don't really need to be eating or spending money on, but I got tattooed earlier that day and it ended up being less than I'd thought, so with the extra $$ burning a hole in my pocket, I
picked up some treats.

Peaceful Provisions Mexican hot chocolate donut. Hard to see, but there is chocolate filling inside. Yes that's a vegan marshmallow on top.

 PP pumpkin donut with pepitas. There was also a filling in this one!

No trip to a vegan pop up would be complete without a Gone Pie treat. Here, a pumpkin blondie.
Also stopped by the Fanciful Fox table for a white magic face scrub, shown here with the rest of my "beauty routine," which is less a routine and more...something else. Fanciful Fox just opened up a store in Bushwick too, and I've been meaning to stop by! Congratulations to Kath on that.

Oh, bonus pic Jarrod took of the (slightly deconsructed but very delicious) apple pie with that damn whipped cream (coconut cream, powdered sugar, vanilla) and our carved pumpkin cat:

That is all for now. Hope yr having a lovely festive fall.