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Monday, October 24, 2016

eating out & in

hello again friends

         breakfast: apple, trail mix of raisins, dried cranberries, pepitas, and sunflower seeds

                lunch stirfry: onion, tofu, carrot, bok choy, soy sauce and later gochujang

It's a shame that this following picture doesn't have its own post, but so it goes. A friend made reservations at Isa Moskowitz's Modern Love Brooklyn, which opened a few weeks prior. I am so, so happy to have gone!! It was definitely pricey - like very special occasion level for me. We split three dishes: the Mac& shews: cashew mac with cornmeal crusted tofu bites, buffalo cauliflower, and kale; the Nicoise salad with green beans, deviled potatoes, chickpea tuna, radishes & greens; and this dish: Horseradish tempeh over whipped potatoes in a wine broth with red kraut

 If you are saying "daaaaaaaaamnnnnnnn" well, "daaaaaammmmmnnn" is right. Everything was incredible. And don't give us shit for ordering a salad (it was huge and delicious), don't give us grief for not ordering a dessert, we are broke punks who just wanted one nice thing, goddamnit! Plus we had to skeddadle to go watch the last presidential debate.
So, in closing, if this is the one and only photo of the one and only time I ever eat at Modern Love, I am totally okay with that.
One chilly, rainy, hungover day, Jarrod and I decided to be kind to our bodies and eat some damn pho.

This was just what we needed, from Little Mo's. They only have one vegan soup and one vegan sandwich, it looks like, but I am okay with that.

Later that night we figured we had spent enough money eating out/buying dumb beers, and went grocery shopping. A healthy, hearty meal: potatoes, chickpeas, tofu, kale, and Brussels sprouts with a cheese sauce made out of blended canned yams and coconut milk (plus hot sauce, plus nooch.)
 next a.m. breakfast: oats, chia seeds, dried cranberries, fresh strawberries, canned pumpkin in almond milk. Plus coffee!
we rushed out of the house after this sustenance to meet with his folks who were in town again for the day. They treated us to the top of the Empire State Building!!

I am a born & bred New Yawkah, which means of course, that I have never done this. Quite an experience, and a beautiful day.

Vegan options in that area are lacking but of course Jarrod knows all the best spots. We went to Xian's for spicy fresh noodles.

                            (Jarrod's plate of noodles with spicy tofu soup and an apple soda.)
Not bad... not bad at all.


  1. So much to comment on here but I'll try to be selective so as not to write a book. Modern Love sounds fantastic, and it's great you got to experience it. Too bad it's so pricey. If you're ever in Philly, go to V Street for fabulous vegan small plates that are relatively well-priced compared to other places. I'm convinced a big bowl of pho will cure anything, as long as it doesn't have too much fennel. (haha) The dish you cooked looks pretty great, too. I've only been to the Empire State building once, and I think I may have been 12, but I still remember it as spectacular. Are parts of the railing still missing from the stairs? That part was rough.

    1. I will try to remember V Street if I'm in Philly again. A friend recommends Bar Bonbon there, have you heard of it?
      Haha, no! There were railings on the stairs!! Thank goodness.

  2. Unlike Andrea, I have zero problem leaving lengthy comments on your posts ;) I totally thought the view from the empire state building was the view from a plane when you posted it on instagram, haha, now I'm glad I didn't ask where you were going? Geez! It's so high up! I can't believe you'd never been up there, not even on a school trip or whatever, but then again, I live in a tourist town and there's heaps of stuff I don't do that is part of why we're a destination. Which due to a lack of vegan eating out options in town, I only really eat out when I travel and left to my own devices I'd eat out on the cheap but Darb wants dinners to remember and says 'Let's just go for it we might only ever be here once' and man, it is nice to experience. Not being a drinker at least eschews the money spent going out for beers and such. We for sure would have gone to Modern Love if it had been open when we were there! Oh my god I just looked at the Empire view again, it gives me vertigo, I can't believe it's that high! Also that apple looks like a persimmon.

    1. If looking at the view gives you vertigo, you might not want to climb the spiral staircase! Speaking of high tourist places, I live in Seattle but have never been to the top of the Space Needle.

    2. You know I love yr long comments!
      I didn't realize you lived in a tourist town. All the more reason to head out there...
      And yeah, I bring a lot of snacks when I travel since travelling itself is kind of expensive, but it really is nice to have a once in a while treat.

  3. The noodles from Xian's looks seriously good, I'm gonna have to make a big plate o' noodles this week!

  4. Ahh, modern love sounds fantastic!! I adore Isa and her books and have made soooo many of her recipes that have become favorites. What a great meal!!
    Pho cures anything and everything. The fresh toppings are key for me, especially those crunchy sprouts.
    Xian famous foods has some surprising vegan options, all of which are cheap and delicious! Gotta eat on the spot though, those noodles seriously go downhill within like ten minutes.

    Did jarod really move in?? I hope you're both still as happy together as ever :))

    1. Haha I love Xian's disclaimer about those noodles. "We are not responsible for bad noodles eaten after 7 minutes"
      no, Jarrod didn't move in.

  5. You ordered Salad??? No Dessert??? WTF????

    More importantly, what is up with the hangovers and ordering dumb beers? For shame!

    I lived n the D.C. area my whole life (born in Pittsburgh though) and never stepped foot in the White House. I have, however, been to the top of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and rode the Staten Island Ferry.

    1. What're Pittsburgh's big sites??

    2. I havent been back since I was two years old, so I couldnt tell ya. Probably should stick to Philly for your Pennsylvania visits. Just a hunch.

  6. I am seriously craving Pho now! Those spicy noodles look amazing!!

  7. So cool! I've been to the Top of the Rock, but not the Empire State building. Similarly, I'm from Colorado but don't know how to ski ($$$).

    There is so much deliciousness, I don't even know where to start!! Isa has a restaurant?! The pho looks amazing, and spicy fresh noodles - sign me up.

    1. Top of the Rock is probably less expensive, and still a beautiful view from what I hear.
      Isa has this restaurant and also one open in Omaha! That one's probably worth a road trip for you ... :)


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