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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Barely a Catch-Up

obviously this is not everything I've eaten in the last few months, but it's been nice to take a break and not feel like I needed to photograph anything. Things have been a little wild round these parts but I think it's settling down. Still vegan, still alive.

                                              spinach, tofu, mushrroom, onion stirfry

turns out I've been at my dumb job for 9+ years. We get a bonus after that amount of time, so i went out to celebrate with a few friends who had also been there for the same amount of time. We went to malai marke and had a really nice time. I got the aloo gobi ghar ki, which was awesome. They have a separate vegan section :)

                                          coconut rice, naan, Greg's hands - remember Greg?

                                               apples, plums from the farmer's market

my sister was in town for a while, visiting from Spain so we had a lunch celebration at my parents' house. Her and her bf miguel made a delicious gazpacho, a torta that wasn't vegan, and a stewed chickpea + spinach dish that was very good.

                                                             Ginger Newman-O, plum

                                                              Haxan eatin my Twizzlers

a brunch Jarrod and I made: roasted teeny potatoes, tofu broccoli scramble, accidentally vegan crescent rolls (!) that we couldn't quite form into crescent shape. TRUST there was much coffee.

hung out with my friend Gustavo, who has a pet ferrett!!!! His name is Bebe!!! we brought the ferret to the bar with us and got him a glass of water.

                         random salad: tomatoes, chickpeas, roasted beets, spinach, hummus

       my friend and I decorated Haxan with crepe paper. She was very patient and kind about it.

                Sweet potato cinnamon roll from Body & Soul at the Union Square farmer's market.
Alright, that wasn't so painful. maybe I'll try to keep up the posting. Hope you guys are all well. Talk soon?


  1. I'm so happy you're back, and all is well!

  2. 'Still vegan, still alive' I love that.

    Ahhh I have always thought 'wouldn't it be great to hang out all day with a ferret?' they're the cutest of the weasels but each ferret companion person I've talked to has warned 'they sleep 18 hours a day, then go balls to the walls crazy for 6 hours and pass out again' Plus Darby has said many times to me 'No goats, no ferrets'

    Haxan is being very patient, does Hax still have the other black cat as a room mate? Have you read the rest of the stories in Morbid Tales? They're all so good! I love the illustrative page boarder, it's a top notch printing. Who's putting out your poetry book? As in, where can I pick it up?

    1. Bebe is sooo funny!! maybe Darby will ease up on the ferret rule. I can kinda understand the goat one though.
      No, the other black cat left with the roommate so Hax is queen of the roost again.
      So far I only read Jarrod's morbid Tales tale but i will get to the others soon hopefully. Tis the season, right? But yeah it was put together really well - it looks so good.
      Should be something in the mail for you soon.

  3. So are you and Jarrod living together now? Lets hear more about that. (Kudos for finally adding a link in a post)

    1. He responded below, in a fashion. Haha, we live near each other but not together.

    2. you live near each other in the same apartment but different bedrooms?

  4. Glad to see you post! I was worried...!
    I'm with Shen, what's the living situation now?? Congrats (?) on the longterm job thing, malai marke is fantastic! I love that everything is so flavorful and they have such a big selection of vegan dishes.
    The spanish dish is garbanzos con espinacas, the website smittenkitchen has a great recipe that's vegan, i double the spinach. Reheats well for lunches.
    Haxan is adorable when decorated!

    1. malai marke was definitely flavorful! I'm glad to hear you've been. It was a nice outing.
      Thanks for the dish on the garbanzos! We had more people eating than we thought, so portions were a little light - definitely could have benefitted from doubling the spinach, and maybe everything else, haha.

  5. Replies
    1. diploma87[87 (haxan wrote that as I was typing. I'll leave it at that.)

  6. Excellent to hear you're still vegan and still alive - everything else is pretty much a bonus in my eyes. I have no idea what a ginger newman-o involves, but I'm pretty sure I want one.


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