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Friday, August 12, 2016

Keepin Summer Simple

it's incredibly hot in here today...

                     made a cold pasta/pea/arugula dish with lemon juice, pepper, and capers

        and a more fall-inspired dish: lentils, steamed beets, kale with dill and tarragon vinegar

bought some Kashi crunch on a whim and am attempting to bulk it into a real meal. Here with blueberries and almonds, in almond milk

                                                   Italian tofurky sausage and broccoli

                                      Kashi crunch, almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds

                                       Gluten free raspberry cheesecake from Vegan Divas

                      frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, coffee smoothie
                   iced coffee, Kashi crunch, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, banana slices.


  1. This hot and sticky weather is killing me....!
    These look like some delicious meals- i love beets and lentils together yet can't imagine actually cooking either right now.
    I should pick up some kashi too, it's been too long and it's really tasty!

    I was just reading a recipe for savory granola that sounded really great (they suggested adding to salads) but that has to wait til this hotness passes.

  2. Our AC was out on Tuesday and it was the first time in my life I experienced what it was like to be too hot to eat. I commend the clean and light meal ideas you've come up with. The Arugula Pasta with Lemon looks especially refreshing.

  3. Cool meals is where it's at... I have sandwiches going to school for lunch and big salads for dinner. Both the cheesecake and coffee/vanilla smoothie sound like perfect treats!

  4. I've never had coffee in a smoothie, that sounds delicious! That cheesecake too!

  5. The pasta, peas, and arugula with the raspberry cheesecake look like the menu for Sunday dinner.

  6. I'm feeling the heat over here, so I've got severe cheesecake envy. I find capers weirdly addictive though - I always ending up over-capering my food and then going odd off the vinegar and salt overload. In other words, the pasta looks delicious.

  7. Well it looks like we're going to get our heatwave after all, though it will only last a few days. Whenever it gets hot all I want is sushi, but how much sushi can I eat? Maybe cold pasta ...

  8. I'd be all over that cheesecake and the arugula salad like a rat up a drainpipe (this is an English compliment, in case that's not obvious)

  9. (((Knock-knock-knock))))
    You ok in there?? I hope your absence is due to a spontaneous fantastic event....


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