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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Last of my Lonesome

It's been so long since I've bought raw kraut!

 This "Gnar" flavor has a lot of garlic and jalapeno in it, which doesn't sound gnarly at all to me.
This should be a salad but instead it's a sandwich:
 whole wheat bread, spinach, avocado, kraut, tofu, tomato, and spinach-artichoke hummus underneath it all.

Pretty ombre iced coffee:

Oats, chia seeds, blackberries, goji berries, almonds, coconut flakes. Breakfast before adding soy milk.

as per Andrea's reccomendation this spinach-frozen banana-lemon-vanilla protein powder-almond milk smoothie has a lot of lemon in it, plus some of the peel. It's very refreshing.

                                                   The pretty, cloudy sky the other night.
Jarrod returns next post. I know you've missed him. I have too.


  1. I haven't allowed myself to dive into summer tomatoes just yet, but when I do, I hope my sandwiches look just as delicious as yours! Beautiful skyline and clouds!

    1. it was nothing spectacular but even so-so summer tomatoes are better than what we've had the last few months

  2. I love sauerkraut so much, and that gnarly kraut doesn't sound gnarly to me either! I love the picture of the sky!

  3. That jar if Sauerkraut would scare me away.

    The Sandwiches you've been making have certainly been imaginitive.

    I read the latest issue of M.U. It was your best yet. Glad Jarrod will be back here soon.

  4. Uh, only the lemon part of the smoothie is per my recommendation. :D I should have also mentioned I add raisins for balance. You really do know how to layer a sandwich — so many great flavors together. Love the night photo — it would look great big and framed.

    1. Raisins in a smoothie???//??? Wow, I have a lot to learn.

  5. You always make great sandwiches. I need to get some more sauerkraut in my life.


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