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Monday, July 4, 2016

Into the Rest of Our Lives

Jarrod was away for the month of June. We talked often and wrote letters but I missed him a ton. He got back on Tuesday and we've been spending as much time together as possible, inevitably leading to some delicious meals together. most of June were meals at home, occasionally with a friend, but I was also just very agitated and lonely and not eating that much anyway. So it's good to have Jarrod back, for blog fodder as well.
He got home super, suuuuper early in the morning, so I met him and then we napped on and off throughout the morning. When Toad Style opened, we walked over there.

                                                                       dat boi

we both got the Casino Dog: vegan hot dog with home fries, cheese sauce, mustard, and peppers and unions on a crusty bread (a hot dog bun would not hold this together.) J also got a banh mi, which I didn't get a photo of.

Jarrod brought back some instant coffee, haha. I drank the last of it, still drowsy from the early morning wake up. Not terrible....

We went to Mr. Kiwi and got matching fresh pressed juices because we are just that nauseatingly cute. Kale, orange, apple, ginger, lemon.
And later that evening, to the Indian place near him (Taj Mahal) that we went to on the evening before he went away. No longer a 30% discount on the meal , but still cheap enough, and really tasty.
                                               love these chutneys - mint, tamarind, onion

                                                     repeat on the Gobi manchurian

                                                                  spiced Basmati rice

                                                               my vegetable curry

                                                               J's channa masala
 Then back to work for me, some boring nothingness, no J, repeat meals, etc.
Thursday night I read at Greg's book release party. Afterwards, Jarrod and I biked around, ended up at Norbert's Pizzeria III on Flushing Avenue. They have vegan sandwiches!

                             I wasn't hungry but he got a seitan, peppers, and onions sandwich.
And before a movie the other night (Independence Day...) we got coffee and a cherry oat bar at Think. Sorry for the crummy picture.
It's okay if the picture is bad, though, becuase Jarrod is back and that makes everything okay. Hope you guys are well and enjoying the holiday weekend.


  1. I finished reading your post with a smile on my face — your happiness is contagious. I guess you don't need me to tell you how adorable Jarrod is or how delicious the food looks, but unhuh.

    1. Aw,thanks! & fwiw Jarrod reads the blog so i'm sure HE'LL appreciate hearing how adorable he is, feel free :)

  2. Some yummy looking food! Jarod is hot too! I saw Independance Day last week and loved it, love silly sci-fi 👍🏻 xx

  3. Independence Day got terrible reviews, surprised you went. Although I cant think of any new releases that interest me.

    Fantastic looking grub. I always eat more when I with the Mr. than when I am going solo.

    1. Jarrod is a big fan of the first, so he wanted to see the second. They've had all these years to come up with something good, you'd think they could pull SOmething off.

  4. Oooh, i'm so glad he is back and the sunshine lollipops and rainbows are with him :))
    What a delicious day you two had! I read somewhere that toad style's veg burger is really amazing yet I haven't made it to either location to try it out. Have you had one? Worth a special trip to get it?


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