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Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Eats

Been slacking on oats for breakfast this week, took a turn for the breadier:

                                Tofu cc on a toasted sesame bagel. I ate both halves, of course.

 WW with hickory smoked Tofurky, Daiya swiss cheese, romaine, hummus, tomato, and avocado

 Layered shot here, you're welcome.

Something way, way outta the ordinary but damned well a good decision: Luna & Larry's ice cream was on sale! This is the ginger cookie caramel flavor and ooohhh my god. Never have I walked faster than with a pint of melting vegan ice cream in my bag.

Lentils, romaine, roasted beets (yes, maybe outta season but our oven is working again and I missed roasted veg most of all,) hummus. Looks like I didn't get any photos, and now it's all gone but for the rest of the week, I ate the lentils and beets over sauteed green beans with sundried tomatoes and red pepper flakes. Really good.

Walked over to St. mark's in the Bowery church to sit and eat lunch in the yard and saw that they had put up a memorial to the victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting. So sad, and really moving to see 49 shirts fluttering in the wind. I decided to find a different place to eat, but stood for a second to remember their lives.

Found some frozen acai packs, so I've been making smoothies for dinner again. This was frozen acai, 1 banana, Vega berry protein powder, spinach, unsweetened almond milk, and ginger. Pretty good but a little on the sweet side. Gotta remember to buy a lemon to cut it a bit.


  1. I still have never tried acai, keep meaning to. The memorial in the Bowery is haunting, shootings are so goddamn sad & f-ed up! I can't recall any in Canada off the top of my head. Here you have to first get a non-restricted license(like a hunting rifle) then a restricted fire arm license to purchase a gun. I'm sure this would never fly in the states. I almost never buy icecream for that exact reason I worry it will melt but I'll just put it back in the freezer anyway? Our funny logic. Thank you for the side profile of the sandwich, it's ace!

    1. I think this was my first time having it! It's usually kinda expensive; these packs were on sale.
      I have conflicting feelings on gun control but definitely think we need some stricter laws controlling it, seeing as how the overthrow of violent culture is not on the near horizon.
      I figured if the ice cream melted, I'd just eat it all :)

  2. I almost couldn't leave a comment because I was so saddened by the photo of the empty shirts. Such a tragedy, but I won't get on my anti-gun soapbox here. As for the food, variety is a good thing — keeps us interested and hungry for more. Glad to hear your oven is back and roasting, though I fear summer will heat up soon in NYC. I'd gladly give up using the oven for a bit here, in trade for a few days of heat!

    1. It's a real sad shame what happened. Such joy cut into.
      Is it still cool in Seattle?

  3. I had a bagel with tofutti cc this weekend and thought of you! Also, that ice cream flavor sounds amazing. Must find that.

    What a lovely (and very sad) memorial. :-( I went to our Memphis gay club on Saturday night, and it was tough — just being there and thinking about how those victims had a night that started out just like mine (drag, beer, dancing) and ended very differently. Out of all the mass shootings, this one really hits home.

    1. Haha, nice! Big fan of bagels over here...
      I know it's a cliche at this point, but we can't let fear govern our lives. What better way to commemorate the deaths than to go out to the gay club.

  4. That is a sobering monument to the Orlando victims.

    I think Ice Cream tastes better when it is a little melted.


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