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Monday, June 27, 2016

Food, Coffee, Cats n' Zines

more food at the folks' house. They don't have a ton of stuff there that I can eat, so this is sort of a random sandwich/meal, but it was filling and did the job.

potato bread sandwich with mashed white beans + mustard, roasted red pepper strips, cucumber, arugula, tomato, black pepper on top

                                        beautiful Seneca in the sunlight at the top of the stairs

back home: raw kale salad, roasted sweet potato, tofu, avocado, sriracha. Ate this many times this last week.

     the cold brew filtering process. look at those pretty little beads of delicious, powerful caffeine

Reading Americanah, which Lacy Davis mailed me. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, though it's very different from what I usually read. Alongside coffee and oats with goji berries, almonds, blueberries, and chia seeds in almond milk.

After a long day of visiting J and not eating, I ran into Sunac, the first cheap place I could think of nearest the train, and picked up vegetable sushi: spinach, avocado, cucumber.
early morning bike ride took me to Little Skips, a nearby coffee shop where I got a coffee and an everything bagel with tofu cc. Reading this little book of poetry a friend reccomended.
Later that day I headed into the city for a zine fest. Brought some carrots, tamari almonds, and a CLIF bar to get through the day, but it wasn't really a food day. Here's a picture of the table

                                 selling some of Jarrod's stuff and our friend Andy's stuff as well

and on the full pool table (the zine fest was in a billiard hall) next to my friend's Research & Destroy zines
Pretty fun, talked to some interesting people. Not entirely my thing. Now I am ready to move on from this month. See you later.


  1. Yay!!!!! i love book exchangin' so much.

  2. The sandwich at your parent's house looks so delicious — not at all like 'the only thing in the house to eat' — more like something you'd eat on purpose! The sushi looks good but please, give me the pile of pickled ginger. I love the stuff!

    1. It was pretty good! Some of the vegetables were not quite fresh, but all in all, not bad.
      I am a huuuge pickled ginger fan too! Didn't you post on how to make yr own?

  3. I want piles of pickled ginger too..! I always ask for extra when i go for sushi.
    Bike ride and bagel sounds like an excellent plan for the morning.
    I'm back to making cold brew too, but i just use a fine sieve. I make it super strong and add ice and almond milk
    Hey, did you see dun well is coming to st marks place?? Exciting!

    1. I think we can all agree that pickled ginger is the best. Yeah, I save most of it for last!
      I think my last roommate took the fine sieve... I do have coffee filters, but it takes a little longer to drip though.
      I DID see dunwell is coming to the city!! I am verrrry excited. See you there :)

  4. I am still not at ease with the sock as coffee filter idea.

    So now you're gonna have Dunwell Donuts near you as well?! Talk about living in a food paradise!


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