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Friday, June 3, 2016

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Taj Mahal

J and I continued our long, lovely weekend post-Toad Style with a nice bike ride to Crown Heights where we got veggie roti (so delicious, so much food for $6 but no pictures because it was SO messy and I couldn't hold a roti and my phone at the same time) and went for a loop around Prospect Park. This was Memorial day, so tons of people were out but it was a pleasant ride and we stopped in at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is just at the top of the park.

                                                       Bubble Bath in the Rose Garden

                                             I just liked these flowers because they were black

                                                         waterfall in the Japanese Garden

                                  I forget the name of these, but they were so delicate and pretty

                                                      milk thistle in the Shakespeare Garden

                                                                        a pretty rose

                                             my beautiful rose in the Cherry Esplanade
It was such a nice day. I worked on Tuesday but after work Jarrod and I went out to dinner at a newly-opened Indian restaurant, the Taj Mahal, we passed near his apartment that was offering 30% off in-house meals for its grand opening.

                                                       Bhakri with chutneys and spices

                                              Gobi manchurian - spicy, sweet fried cauliflower

                                                                channa with bhatoora

               aloo gobi masala (potato cauliflower) and bhindi masala (okra) with basmati rice
All that food with a bit left over for under $25. We were happy and stuffed little humans leaving that place.

             I'll probably have a bit of a quiet June. Expect a lot of reading and coconut seltzers.


  1. Brooklyn has an incredible Botanical Garden! Who knew? Do they not label their plants?

    The Indian food looks phenom as well. I've never seen a Fried Cauliflower dish like that. Aloo Gobi is what I almost always order when eating Indian.

    1. Yea, the Bronx has the biggest one but Brooklyn's is beautiful. There's a nice greenhouse in the winter too. They do label the plants but I'm sorry, i forgot all the name. Except for bubble bath.
      Never seen that cauliflower dish before, either. It was not my favorite but still pretty good. It was like tempura battered and then sauced.

  2. I forgot about croix coconut, I've only found it in Portland though, don't think Canada is carrying it. Beau-tiful gardens, those flowers look so exotic and strange! There's a new Indian restaurant in town saying they have a vegan menu but I haven't checked it out yet, that chana dish makes me want to go!

    1. That's my favorite flavor of theirs! Peach-Pear is good too.
      Chana is always a good bet. There are so many subtle spices in Indian food that I don't make it often at home but it's really nice when I can go out and eat some.

  3. indian food and botanical park excursions seems like a pretty great scene.

    1. Agreed! Not much better. maybe Caribbean food and a museum, which is also in walking distance of this same area.

  4. Beautiful botanic garden! So lush! I often wonder what the world looked like before we brought in our brick and cement. Perhaps it would be as bountiful in plants!

    Great looking Indian food!

    1. Yeah, it's funny - the botantical garden is right next to Prospect Park, and there's a "Native Habitat" area along with the shakespeare garden and Japanese garden, etc. It's like - well, native habitat means basically they sectioned off a part of what was already here and put a fence around it and made people pay $11 to get in. Brooklyn must once have been stunning and lush.

  5. likes: flowers, you and yr cute boo, almost all la croix flavors, rosa luxemburg, indian food

    dislikes: coconut la croix

    no thnx. more for you. ;)

  6. Is Bhakri different from pappadom? I'm intrigued!! Also, been trying to get my childhood friend to reconcile with her estranged mother so I can get her chana masala recipe.


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