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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Feed the J

Though Jarrod and I are both vegan and share a lot of meals, we have slightly different eating tastes and techniques. He lifts weights, so eats more protein than I do, as well as more grains, bigger portions, and more often. He also tends to cook everything together whereas I do separate components. But I know he reads the blog (hi Jarrod) and sometimes says he wants a "maud meal." So that is what we did:

His plate, my plate. Sauteed spinach, tomatoes, and onions. Avocado on the side. Chickpeas, tofu, asparagus. Club mate soda.
We went to a Mets-Reds game Wednesday night. Not too cold, the Mets won, we got home easily, all around really nice night.

                                             deep in thought looking out into deep Queens

slightly obscene un-adorned veggie dog. I was on line waiting to order and worrying they'd be out of veggie dogs (thinking who would order a veggie dog at a baseball game in Queens) and try to pass off a real one - but I saw this and was calmed. there is certainly no mistaking a non-meat hot dog, haha. Anyway, times have changed, even in sports - CitiField, where the mets play is one of the top 10 most vegan friendly ballparks!

 Plus, there is a dawg topping bar! mine with mustard, onion sauce, relish, tomatoes, and jalapenos. J's with onion sauce, tomatoes, mustard, and more raw onions. Ha. We also got peanuts. We did not go hungry.
A while back I ordered a Athlete's Vegan Cuts box. I don't entirely love what VC does - I mean, hypothetically, it's great for small vegan businesses, but something about the pushing of commodities, cutesy over-packaging, and unnecessary specialty curated collections just feels weird to me. Like catering to be instagrammed or blogged about. Guilty. In any case, they offered an Athlete's box and I love Jarrod and he loves protein (and me) so I thought it'd be nice to get him one.

                                                                      with the spread

                                    protein powders, nuts, bars, chia seed packs, seitan sample...

                                                            a small, sweet, caffeinated treat

                                                                  ....vegan...bone broth?
The first thing he ate was the Hammer protein recovery bar. It looked good. maybe he'll report back on how he felt about some of the stuff.
That's all for now. Hope you guys are well.


  1. Hahaha, that hot dog does look totally obscene! It's so long and nekkid. I've been wanting to order that Athlete's Box (cause I'm totally a sucker for curated collections in too-cute packaging — guilty!), but I couldn't justify spending the $$$ since I'm already subscribing to their Goddess Box. But that bone broth really intrigued me! I want some!

    1. I really want at least one of the goddess boxes too - i always love yr box posts! They are sweet.

  2. I so agree with you about all of the monthly box subscriptions. I have never heard of vegan bone broth???

  3. Excellent post. You two have such positive times together. It took many years for me to accept that the Mr. and I both eat totally differently. I always thought couples were supposed to eat the same, at least at home.

    Wonder what kind of veggie dog that is? It is certainly lengthy.

    I dont understand subscription boxes either, but maybe if they just had a vegan chocolate box...

    Make sure to post on what you do for Mother's Day.

    1. Yeah, i'm glad he and I can find a happy medium.
      The dog was advertised as Yves.
      i'll try to do something fun with my mom and post for ya.

  4. My husband eats twice as much as me and three times as fast — too bad he doesn't lift weights! I once got a beauty box, (which is weird considering how few 'beauty' products I use), but the powdered eye shadow had leaked all over everything else, leaving a thick, dark, disturbing coating on everything, and touching anything was gross. I washed some stuff but finally gave up and tossed the rest.

    1. yeah I used to try to keep up, but I gave up.
      Ack! I don't wear makeup precisely for that reason, it just gets everywhere except for where it's supposed to

  5. The hot dog is explicit.

    I would totally cave to the boxes cause I'm a sucker for mail and gifts but the shipping into Canada is absurd, like the same cost as the box! But I agree the amount of packaging and all, plus most of the stuff would be cool to try but I still wouldn't be able to pick any of it up in my local stores. So curious about the bone broth, glad it exists though so we can stick it to the paleos and Sally Fallon-ers! Disclaimer: I have both of her books :/

  6. I don't know what it is about summer, but it reminds me I love hot dogs! The toppings are easy enough, but it's so hard to have a fresh bun for one, you know?


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