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Friday, May 6, 2016

Busy Weekend

A regular breakfast of late:

muesli mixed with oats, banana, goji berries, chia seeds, and peanut butter. poured almond milk over it afterwards, but it looks prettier dry.

my childhood best friend is getting married  in June and had her bachelorette party on the Lower East Side Saturday night. This is probably the most glamorous thing I'll ever attend. I met them at a hotel and went out to dinner. There wasn't much I could eat, and I don't drink anymore but I was glad to have celebrated with her. The rest of the party went to a silent disco after dinner and I ran home to decompress, haha. I had a busy next day anyway.

I told Shen (in the VI) I might do a post about my vegan/food tattoos (of which I have a few now.) That post is yet to come but this is the newest to the collection - it was a piece of flash from an artist at an all-vegan tattoo shop in Bushwick, called Gristle. I have only been there for one other tattoo and really like the shop. This flash was part of a fundraiser for the Wolf Conservation Center upstate and I thought the design was really sweet. It also reminded me of the old school ALF (?) design:

So anyway, I got that tattoo Sunday morning and stopped on the way back home at Loving Hut, which is right down the block.

                          Curry Udon soup to go, perfect for the cold, crummy May Day weather

                                               Plus a coconut custard donut. Uh huh.
Then I headed over to Jarrod's, where he was finishing up a seitan brisket to bring to a potluck. I didn't take any pictures of the whole thing, but he was very proud and rightfully so. Really nice baked seitan loaf cooked in broth and veggies.

This was my plate of everything at the party; it was very veggie friendly. Kale salad, hummus, roasted mushrooms, chickpea biryani, seitan brisket + veg, pita, mango. I also had some appetizers of crackers and olives. Real pleasant get together.
THEN we headed into the city to say official goodbyes to my friend Scott. Bittersweet.


  1. It does sound like a busy weekend! I need plenty of downtime, too. Introverts, yay!

    I'm really liking your breakfast. You have the best salads, and now are moving into the breakfast bowl queen territory!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately it never seems to stop. Even when I'm alone, it's never alone enough. Hope that doesn't sound too weird. It's something NYers have to live with.

  2. That 'regular breakfast' is a major extravaganza. Seems like it would be all down hill after starting the day like that.

    I am interested in seeing your 'body art'. Glad to know you are vegan for the right reasons. That tattoo looks like it must have been really painful. All that ink injected into your tiny arm.

    Are you starting to like Loving Hut?

    1. Well, I guess I don't usually have the muesli. maybe I should though because this was good. but I definitely need to buy more goji berries...
      Loving Hut isn't bad, and I really like that soup. Sorry I gave you grief about it! There does look to be a fair amount of good stuff on the menu, and this soup was two servings so the price is right.

  3. That's a fabulous breakfast combo! I've always wanted to try one of those boxes but worry I wouldnt like or want part of it... I've tried the orgain vegan shakes (very tasty, horrible name), but didn't know they had protein powder now.

    I'm very impressed J made a seitan roast! Looks like a great assortment of dishes were there

    1. Yeah, this box was nice at least because it was just a one-time thing and not a subscription.
      J is going very slowly through the box - if it were me, I'd have torn through it all by now, but i don't think he's tried the protein powders.
      The roast was very good! We got sent home with a ton of leftovers too.

  4. Super swanky events make me really nervous but sometimes you just have to take a breath and go. The tattoos are nice, and the soup from Loving Hut looks like a soothing way to relax after the needle jabs.

  5. That tattoo is fucking awesome! Look forward to your tattoo post! Animal Liberation Front is correct, I'm surprised you questioned yrself. Feeling awkward at friends special events sucks. I've been there many times and always verge on a panic attack. One time I actually did black out, broke the glass, party stopped to stare at me, it was horrible. Glad you took the decompress route, that's advice I'll heed to next time rather than being the sober schmuck in the bar. What the hells a'silent disco'?

  6. I just, well, what the heck is a silent disco?!


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