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Monday, March 21, 2016

Grindcore Shows to Meditation Group and All the Food In Between

I'm a sucker for coffee drinks, though I wish I weren't.

                           Luckily this one was good, and with added protein, not very expensive.

Quick cool dinner: avocado, cucumber, tofu with red pepper flakes, ginger powder, and soy sauce. Ate this before biking over to a Pig Destroyer/Drop Dead/Cloud Rat show.

I know it sounds violent (ok so the pit was a bit testosterone heavy) but Cloud Rat and Dropdead are both vegan bands who specifically said so on stage. The show was really awesome.

                WF bar: steamed kale, chana masala, roasted acorn squash, bhaji. Glimmery.

Millet, sauteed onions, peppers, broccoli, and tofu with Daiya and a blob of hummus for dinner
J made us breakfast the next day: oats, chia, berries, soy milk. Coffee. Then we went in the city to walk around. Later in the day we ended up at Blossom du Jour.

                                                              I got a buffalo wrap

                                                     J got a pesto chicken sandwich

                The last of the trash pasta with broccoli, tomatoes, and olive paste with Daiya.

I've been going to a local meditation group, where every week they ask someone to foster the class orchid so I took it this week. Haxan was inquisitive but a very good girl about not knocking it over.


  1. :) Trash Pasta! I dream vicariously through your access to awesome shows, thanks for the tip off on Cloud Rat, didn't know them! Such a sucker for coffee drinks, but luckily I rarely see stuff around here, when I travel though I hit up everything. I love that the acorn squash is shimmering!

  2. Lots of nutrition is necessary to keep you going to all those shows.

  3. I definitely sympathize re sucker drinks, so much so that "sucker drink" is part of our common parlance. Right now in our fridge there are fancy-ass cold-brew coffees and a ton of lime La Croix. Gleh.

  4. Look at Haxan respecting the meditation orchid :-)


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