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Monday, February 1, 2016

Snow + snow food

Hiii!! So the blizzard DROPPED. It was a mess for about two days but we are back to normal now, or maybe warmer than normal, even.
They shouldn't have opened the store for work that day, because we all got sent home at 3 but this is the lunch I had packed for the day, which I ate later at Jarrod's.

                         raw collards, spicy kraut, roasted cauliflower and  sweet potato, tofu
 J was not feeling well at all but the trains ran until 4 so I went over to his place to hang out. This is the view from the elevated train on the way:

and it kept snowing until about midnight after this. It's not a big deal for some of you in other parts of the world (Lysette!) but this was one of the biggest storms in years. The last big blizzard I remember was the blizzard of 96; this one was just over two feet.

next day's lunch: boiled pierogies, pan fried tofu, sauteed collards. I was glad to have all this stuff in the house already.

                                        a breakfast: oats, granola, peanut butter, almond milk

             Haxan didn't explore in the snow, but I opened the window so she could sniff the winter

been trying to cut way down on sweets, but hot chocolate is a nice treat I've been making at night. Cocoa powder, vanilla extract, agave, a pinch of salt, and almond milk. Sometimes a bit of cinnamon.

I made dinner for J one night - usually he does all the work. Sauteed kale + tofu, roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, and mushrooms, and topped with avocado.
That's all for now. Hope you guys are well.


  1. The store probably opened cuz they knew a lot of people needed to stock up on reading material for being snowed in. Surprised they dont make accomodations for their employees though. I am not gonna ask what that thing is on the ladder that Haxan is looking at.

    1. People have enough damn books! Let the employees stay home and read their own!

  2. I know just what you mean about location determining the impact of snow. In Madison we could have a foot or more and it was business as usual. Here in Seattle, snow in the forecast can close the schools! If an inch or two actually falls, everything is in chaos and shuts down. I long for a really big blizzard — the temperature is too high for it to last, but one or two days of chaos sounds about right every couple of years, don't you think? What is the thing we're seeing out the window?

    1. Oh, definitely! I love the laid back feel/ shut down quiet that a good old fashioned blizzard gives - pretty nice for every once in a while. And this one was over the weekend, so i dont think it messed up too many plans.
      And, ha! I didn't even notice when I took the picture - the thing out the window is actually on the window. if it looks like a rat, it is. Haha, just a decal!

  3. Glad you survived the blizzard with plenty of food in the house! They predicted blizzard-like conditions for Memphis with Jonas too. And we only got a 1/2-inch of snow! But they still closed everything, and I didn't have to go to work because everyone in Memphis FREAKS OUT at the first flake.

    Where did you find vegan pierogies? I love those, and I've not seen a vegan version anywhere!

    1. There's a brand based in Brooklyn that just uses flour and water for the dough, and then whatever filling.

  4. I tend to think the east gets more snow than we do, everyone I know from the Maritimes -just north of you- say they all own snow mobiles just to get around! Maybe cause we have so many ski hills here, when it really dumps everyone is stoked and we live in the middle of who-cares-nowhere, where as if New York gets shut down it kinda f*#ks everyone, right?

    I'm with Shen -what is in the right corner above Haxan! Glad the snow cleared up, it feels like spring is coming out here already. I'm copying your last bowl for lunch later today :)

    1. Hope you liked the bowl! I wish it had had a grain or some sort of sauce; maybe you made it work better than i did but it was an off the cuff concoction.
      The thing you are seeing is a rat sticker on the window, haha! my home decor is so tasteful!!

  5. We finally got snow in Boston. Took a while!

    I need to get back into hot cocoa instead of sweets. I use that trick too when I'm trying to cut back. So perfect for snowy nights.

    All this food looks great, and seems like you and J are having a nice winter. <3


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