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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Jarrod and I took another brief trip to Boston this weekend to see Judge, an old school NYHC band. Weird place to em, maybe? but J and i fell in love despite regional hardcore beef so let us be the bridge of love and respect, haha. And I'll always take any excuse to get out of NYC.
We took the bus up early Friday morning and when we got in, got banh mi sandwiches in Chinatown and walked over to the Boston harbor.

                     it was a beautiful weekend, not warm exactly but pleasant enough and sunny.
The Institute for Contemporary Art is right on the water as well. Half a wing was closed but there was enough to enjoy and a nice view. The building itself is pretty cool too.

                                                                     Ray Navarro
I forget what we ate after this? But there were a few hours of reading and caffeinating at Diesel Cafe in Somerville. Later that night we saw The Witch at the Coolidge Corner theater and afterwards stopped by the Trader Joe's for snacks n stuff for the next day.

                             bananas, CLIF bars, pressed juices, chocolate covered cherries

Having woken up so early on Friday we slept in a bit Saturday morning and just got coffee and a dry ass plain ass non-New York bagel at Peet's in Harvard Square. J and I split up for a bit so he could meet his folks for lunch. I read a bit longer and wandered Mass Ave to find my own lunch.

Passed on the People's Republik (above,) passed also on Life Alive which is recommended but was packed and pricey.

Instead I found VO2, a vegan cafe within a yoga studio that specialized in smoothies and vegan comfort food.
tried a sample shot of their green monster drink which was pretty good - kale, lime, ginger, apple, spinach, pineapple juice

Got the seitan slam: BBQ seitan, coleslaw, Russian dressing on rye. Guess it's kinda like a Reuben, right? Fuckin finally. The sandwich itself was very good; the chips and pickle on the side were mostly filler and pretty pointless - I wish there had been a salad side option or something.
J and I met back up again to read more and caffeinate more, then went for a walk along the Charles.

I know there's waterfront in New York but this is much less overbearing, much less crowded, and much cleaner. I really appreciate this city.
We headed back to Central Square and got some food at the Middle East before the show and meeting up with some of J's friends briefly.

                                                          grilled tofu salad with olives

                        this adorable and hilarious man and his plate of rice + beans and hummus
So anyway, the show was great. A bunch of younger hardcore bands played, World Be Free (a sort of hardcore supergroup w members of Judge and Gorrilla Biscuits) played, Right Brigade played, and then Judge played. The thing is, I got in the pit for about half a second and once I backed to the edge, some dude threw his elbow back into my face and so it goes. I ducked outta there with a very bloody nose and sat outside for the remainder of the set. Sounded good from out there, though.
I'll spare you the picture of all of my blood but here's J and i cleaned up, if sorta sweaty, me sorta dazed, and ready to umm head back and go the hell to sleep.

I found footage of the show if anyone wants to see:

Thanks again Boston, you really know how to throw down. And thank you J for sharing the throw down with me.


  1. You're like the Romero & Juliet of Hardcore ;)
    Auuughh this further fuels my unquenchable desires for a show!! Dudes up front are so huge! -good thing you only got a bleeding nose, there are some serious pit jumping gymnastics going on! Okay that's enough exclamation marks for now. Such a rad get away, you are very lucky :)

  2. aww! we so so have to make this work next time! i'm at diesel all the time (that's what my cat is named after!). i'm always disappointed in the food at Middle East. What'd you think? I'll get you to FOMU next time! : ) Glad the show was good!

  3. Well, that trip really does not sound like something I would enjoy. Except for the Reuben and Tofu Salad.

  4. I don't even know where to start; that bagel looks WRETCHED, but major props for seeing The Witch; the trailer made me almost pee in my pants. Love the human pics: J with all the vegan foodz especially. I miss your blue glasses!


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