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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bowls Post Boston

Back 2 basics post-Boston:

     oats with raw mueseli, frozen blueberries, goji berries, chia seeds, vanilla almond milk

I made a carrot-ginger soup! because I compulsively buy carrots and forget about them. And because why not? It's so easy, I probably should have made this 200 times over, but i think it was my first time. Or at least one of very few. Carrots, broth, onion, garlic, ginger, unsweetened soy milk, 1 sweet potato that was also ready to go, turmeric, salt + pepper, blended.

                                                   4 sauerkraut pierogies and collards

Lunch: raw kale salad, lentils, avocado, tomatoes. I'm finally allowing myself to buy tomatoes again after a winter dry spell.

miso soup with mung bean threads, bok choy, carrot, scallion, mushroom, tofu, ginger, wakame, and jalapeno.
It's all that I can do.


  1. I also compulsively buy carrots. I should make carrot soup!! Love those mung bean noodles!

  2. Ha I bought tomatoes yesterday for the first time in ages too, I was surprised they were pretty good and had mixed feelings about spring coming (yay) and global warming (boo). Carrots are always on my shopping list, I go through them so fast even when I don't need them I'm at the grocer and like 'Hmm I should probably pick up some more carrots'

    1. Oh, definitely global warming tomatoes. Or shipped from mexico. i really ought to give more thought to eating seasonally - it's weird to be so out of touch with the climate

  3. Very inspiring nutrition wise.

    Too bad you dont have a juicer for all the Carrots. You can also roast them and bring them to J's furry roommate. One day, perhaps you will have a compost pile. I thought some were springing up around Manhattan.

    Thanks for the zines. I havent read them yet. Assume they are good. Amazing how they make an envelope the exact size to fit.

    1. Oh yeah, carrot juice is so good! I'm paranoid about turning orange again.
      There are a few places to compost in the city, but i always either forget the hours or miss them - plus swinging a bag of compost onto the train isn't the way to make friends.
      The zines are not good but thanks for assuming.

    2. The November issue was excellent. Havent read the latest yet.

  4. I love carrot soup! Funny how i only seem to make it when i'm sick- because it's so easy ;) i like to add a ton of ginger, more salt than you think it needs and a can of coconut milk, white beans if they're around too.
    Do you make the museli? I had the "traditional " preparation once, where it is soaked overnight in apple juice- kind of odd but still pretty good. Your lunches always look fabulous- and as much as i love the idea of eating locally and seasonally that's definitely something a california person said. (And i can say that since i grew up there!) in nyc let's be real- that would mean no avocado, or citrus, tomatoes for two months a year, and a whole helluvalot of root vegetables for like nine months a year....

  5. Carrot soup always surprises me too! Plus I make it in the vitamix, so it's actually pureed and heated all in one go.


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