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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vintage Train, Stella at the Whitney, Quantum Leap

Hi, I am feeling better as the new year approaches and I hope you guys are doing well too. Jarrod and I have been boarded up in our respective apartments avoiding the world long enough (ok I should speak for myself) and are finally venturing out among other humans and enjoying what the city has to offer...

 sustenance. oats with maca, cinnamon, silk nog, dried cranberries, almond butter, and banana.
Sundays during December the MTA ran vintage city trains for a short ride. Each subway car was decorated for a different decade during the city's subway's history. Pretty cool. There were some people dressed up as befitting the time periods as well. We did not.

Here is a random WF meal I threw together and topped with baba ganoush I made.
                                            steamed kale, falafel, roasted carrots, baba
The Whitney is pay what you wish on Friday nights - a lot of museums are, but we hadn't been to the new Whitney since it moved to Chelsea earlier this year. There was a Frank Stella exhibit going on that I'd heard a lot of good reviews of. I really enjoyed it.

This is the end of the Highline, which looked really beautiful all lit up but it was a cold night and we were hungry so we didn't stroll this time around.
Instead we headed to the West Village to Quantum Leap, an old standard + pretty cheap.

                                                          my fries, salad, and burger.

                                                      we split guacamole and chips

                                           J's pic of his dumpling plate with soba noodles.
Here is Haxan hiding while I made the bed, because what would a post be without that lovely little lady:


  1. I used to frequent the QL ages ago. My go to was the macro plate. :) How's this place holding up nowadays? Happy New Year!

  2. Ha! Haxan's peering gaze just over the bed is awesome.

    I think I remember Quantum Leap from a post from long ago on here, and still looks delicious.

    I need to get back to NY and see all of these sights!! Very cool about the vintage trains!

  3. The vintage train looks so cool! The picture of Haxan just totally made my day!

  4. Makes me want to do our NYC trip all over again! I love that Haxan picture, what a sneak :)

  5. The vintage train is super cool! Love! Your highland picture made me miss NYC, it was super cold last time I was there and I'm hoping to make it back next winter. Two years is too long!

  6. That sculpture looks like someone's mangled retainer with part of a fortune cookie in it. Wish I could stroll through the village and end up at Quantum Leap. Guess that will never happen.


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