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Friday, December 4, 2015

the cozier stuff

more from the backlogs. Comfort food heavy. most of the time I'm not photographing my food these days, but it is nice to be back, kinda.

 pumpkin oats with cashew butter, maca, cinnamon, dried cranberries. coffee with almond milk

                                         tea for me and a friend. what a state we've been in

Thanksgiving plate. I spent it alone (by choice) but still wanted to put a little more effort into the meal than I would have for any other lunch alone. Roasted beets, plain tofu, roasted celery root, sweet potato, raw kale salad with avocado, goji berries, and nooch.

                                         lil clementines all over the place lately. Haxan cameo.

                     opened up a bagel into a heart. Then i smothered it with tofu cream cheese.

more tea. This was dandelion-fennel detox tea, i believe. it's been pretty mild here lately but i'm enjoying the calming factor of it, plus the medicinal properties

stopped at Bluestockings for a new book, a coffee, and a vegan salted chocolate chip cookie. Satisfying all around.


  1. The Thanksgiving plate looks fab...way better than the stodgier variety of TG dinners.

    Great over-the-rim shot of your tea.

  2. Really glad you're back. <3

    I know a lot of the folks involved with the Queering Anarchism book. Good stuff!

    I'm sensing some heaviness from your social media things, and I just want to send you lots of posi juju. Thinking of you. xo

  3. Recently saw someone mention their zine on some show. Might have been 'Master of None'. Sounds like you're in prime zining mode.

  4. I wish Bluestockings wasn't on the other side of the country plus boarder, I'd be there all the time too!


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