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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Recipes and Randos

Long time no see, kids.

miso soup heavy on the mushrooms - with avocado added in. this is a trick I can't remember where i learned but i LOVE it.
found a green chili recipe here and decided to actually make a recipe I bookmarked for once. Here are the pureed vegetables cooking down to form a base for the chili:

                                                            final product: super delicious.
                                                              a packed lunch for work:
                           1/2 an avocado, an apple, peanut butter pretzels, a banana, plus:

                                         red lentils, kale, nooch. This all was for a 12 hr day.

this isn't an Isa recipe, but it's on an Isa book. It might as well be an Isa though. Baby spinach, quinoa, roasted red kuri squash, lemon tahini dressing. Good stuff. I oughta keep putting work into recipes. Or not.
Here is a Haxan for yr enjoyment:

Hope you guys are well.


  1. Yay! Hi Maud! I've bookmarked many a recipe, and not made them. Good on you for following though! The green chili looks great!

  2. Woah! Doing some retro social media. I cant find your antimaud instagram so I am glad to know you and Haxan are alive and well.


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