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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bowls and Treats

Made a soup with J to nourish body and soul:

crushed tomatoes, veg broth, pinto beans, white beans, tvp, broccoli, mushrooms, potato, garlic, onion, and ginger (his brilliant idea - it wasn't overpowering, but added a je ne sais quoi.) Plus a few spices: cayenne, chili powder. Topped my leftovers with avocado.
The vegan pop-up shops have been at Spreadhouse on the LES on Sundays lately, which is great for me, because I can stop in before a shift at the zine library one block away. Said hello to Kath (Fanciful Fox) and Barbara (Gone Pie) and picked up a White Magic face scrub, plus a sample pumpkin pie scented slice of soap plus a chocolate caramel pie and caramel sea salt cup.

Not just treats - trying to eat healthy in the face of a heavy heart: stir fry with garlic, onion, ginger, rice, carrots, tvp, kale, avocado - with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and topped with sriracha.

J and i took some time to work; he fueled it with sweet black bean sesame buns from a Chinese bakery in the West Village. That was nice, and felt productive.

That's all for now.


  1. Your bowls always look so satisfying. Glad to see you back! (I say, having not posted anything on my own blog for at least a month. :) )

  2. Long live the bowl! I never know what to do with TVP - do you prep yours from dry and then season it? Or is it pre-prepped and frozen? Also that chocolate caramel pie looks like what dreams are made of.

  3. You're back! Yay! Sorry you have a heavy heart though. :-( Hope everything gets better.

    Love your posts so much! That soup with the avocado looks so yummy. Avocado belongs on soup always.

  4. I miss you and I'm sorry to always miss your closest Shop-Up :-(

  5. Soup season is fully upon us, and your stir fry bowl is inspiring!! Love seeing your posts pop up in my feed. It warms my heart, and I hope your heavy heart is lightened soon. Hugs!

  6. Well are you gonna tell us why your heart is heavy or what? Haxan and J are still in the picture. You did Thanksgiving solo, so it must be something related to your family....hmmmm...anyway great looking grub you are managing to ingest with that heavy heart thing going on. You sure got back up to blogging speed quickly.

  7. That beany tomato soup sounds perfect, especially with the avocado on top. I haven't ever had much success with tvp but stew sounds like a good idea for it.
    That chocolate caramel pie! Amazing.
    And those chinese bakery sesame balls are my weakness!! I swear one summer i tried a dozen different bakeries in chinatown- lucky king bakery on grand street (near the F train) is the best :))

  8. Mochi balls are always on my city agendas :)

    Nourishing my body and soul lately I've been listening to the Fugazi 2001 live recording when they played out here. The recording captures how amazing that show was; in the interludes they ask the people dancing to stop crushing the people up front, offer ear plus to the crowd and pass around a basket of local cherries. It's been a real mood lifter when I'm feeling tired, takes me back to being a wee punk teen sitting in a friends car just so we can listen to music loud. xo

  9. If I was able to stop in and get me one of those chocolate caramel pies on the way to the library, I'd be down the library all the time. The colours in the stir fry are completely beautiful.


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