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Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Touches

and the last of it:

                                                     Reno sunning her lil self in the window

Road's End vegan mac to which I added Field Roast sausage and chopped broccoli. And ate it out of the pot.

                                 took some time to roast some veg: sweet potatoes and broccoli

                                      eaten here with red lentils and turmeric dressing

soup time has come. Here is miso with tofu, mushrooms, spinach, wakame, carrot, and onion plus spices.

 undocumented other roasted veg: beets and carrots with cherry tomatoes and red lentils over spinach

bought some baby Seckel pears the other day. they are cute as hell and that's the only reason I bought em.

more oats with berries for breakfast, plus coffee, plus the book I've been reading forever.
So that's that. I hope to still see you guys around. If I'm not blogging, you can check my instagram (antimaud) which is less food but more shenanigans. But I may also pop in here now and again. Talk to you later.


  1. How are we supposed to find your Instagram?

  2. Well, I do hope to see your blogs every now and then! But I'mma go follow you on IG now. Props for eating mac out of the pot. That's awesome.

  3. I hope you still blog every now and again! I'll miss this blog!

  4. Waaah I will miss you on here! (Says the blogger who hasn't blogged in a month). Anyway, that was a nice photo dump of good food and good reads and good animals. <3

  5. I will begrudgingly support you because you are awesome. I love seeing snippets of your world, and hope you'll post again in a bit!

  6. Ha! This finally inspires me to do something with the instagram account I set up like two years ago :/ hahaha Awesome, I'll see you there and hopefully around here once in a while. The title and image of that book is heart breaking. I'm slowly reading a Motorhead fanzine before sending it off to a friend.


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