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Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Touches

and the last of it:

                                                     Reno sunning her lil self in the window

Road's End vegan mac to which I added Field Roast sausage and chopped broccoli. And ate it out of the pot.

                                 took some time to roast some veg: sweet potatoes and broccoli

                                      eaten here with red lentils and turmeric dressing

soup time has come. Here is miso with tofu, mushrooms, spinach, wakame, carrot, and onion plus spices.

 undocumented other roasted veg: beets and carrots with cherry tomatoes and red lentils over spinach

bought some baby Seckel pears the other day. they are cute as hell and that's the only reason I bought em.

more oats with berries for breakfast, plus coffee, plus the book I've been reading forever.
So that's that. I hope to still see you guys around. If I'm not blogging, you can check my instagram (antimaud) which is less food but more shenanigans. But I may also pop in here now and again. Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Family meal, salad, oats

Another cousin just moved to the city from Boston so my mom had a few family members over to welcome her:

                           Rice, broccoli rabe, corn and tomato salad. An end of summer feast.

                       Canteloupe and grape fruit salad for dessert; omnis had Italian pastries.

what I thought was a funny sign on the WF salad bar; yes, thank you for clarifying tomatoes are vegan and contain tomatoes

a non-WF lunch: broccoli, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, soba noodles in a gingery miso dressing

                                                                         fresh figs
 fresh figs in oatmeal with dried cranberries, cacao nibs, raw cashews, coconut flakes, chia seeds, with almond milk

                           greens, spirulina millet, avocado, roasted beets, turmeric dressing

                                                                        take two
That's all for now. One more post coming up and then we're all caught up. Hope you are well and enjoying the weather. I for one am taking it as inspiration to cook more.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

more catch up

Hope you're ready for more photo dumps.
This is the zine I was talking about having finished last post.

There's a mini zine insert about how delicious water is. The rest of the zine re-caps water and has a cartoon interview with my vegan friend J.

I was alerted to the amazing reality that is La Croix coconut seltzer and promptly lost my mind on it until I realized how hard it was to find around these parts.

I've been volunteering at ABC No Rio's zine library every other Sunday. This nicely co-incides with the occasional vegan pop-up shop at Spreadhouse. This is a Gone Pie carrot cake hemp muffin with an iced coffee.

                                             and the interior of the zine library. So many zines.

                     Jarrod and I went to the Champs Bushwick outpost on its last day in existence.

I ordered tofu scram on a bagel. I can't remember what Jarrod got except he made me eat his grossly dressinged salad.

      WF salad bar lunch. Greens, sweet potatoes, steamed golden beets, minty wasabi tofu.

                 Everything bagel with tofu cc and coffee. A standard whatever/whenever breakfast.

a car I saw and followed around....they never tossed me any onion rings.

and more Haxan in case you missed her. It's finally getting cooler now, so I'm glad she's around to cuddle.