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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

hey now

Hello my dear vegan internet friends. Life gets away from us sometimes. Here is some food. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies but I don't remember much of the details so:

Here is some coffee, I bought it because it was called VOLCAN mind blend. It was okay. I did a zine in this past meantime with some coffee reviews. Let me know if you'd like a copy.

Oooh yeah, I remember this being good. This is soba noodles, broccoli, chickpeas and scallion in a spicy peanut sauce.

                                                       Reno Weiner, that's her full name
Way back when, Jarrod and I went to the Brooklyn Museum on a day off. We saw Judy Chicago's Dinner Party because this is a food blog. Also because You Are Nothing Without Feminist Art.

Also some Basquiat. Seems there's always a Basquiat show there. It was cute, one of the items on display was actually Jean-Michel's junior Brooklyn Museum member card from when he visited as a kid.

We went to a place called Natural Blend that is just up the block from the museum. It's a heavily West Indian neighborhood and a lot of Rastas so a lot of vegetarian food. This is curry seitan chicken with vegetables and rice. Cheap, filling, and good.

                                                Here is Haxan flipping out and eating my hair

 Bagel thin (do not recommned) with avocado mash, cayenne, and black salt. With VOLCAN coffee.

Jarrod and I also visited Toad Style, the new (very badly named imho) vegan restaurant that is taking Bed-Stuy by storm. It is a Champs refugee that uses vegetables rather than fake meat. I am 'bout it, 'bout it. I got a pulled BBQ jackfruit sandwich with coleslaw.

Jarrod got what I believe was an oyster mushroom banh mi. (I forget, this was like 2 months ago.) Two thumbs up as you can see.
Can you handle more?

This looks like oats, gojis, and blueberries with chia over banana ice cream? But I am not entirely sure. Some oaty breakfasty thing.

                                                            Still doin it, and doin it well.

Silk strawberry soy yogurt. It is what it is. Now that I think of it, that previous oaty breakfast above is probably oats + berries over blueberry yogurt. Yeah.

kale salad with nooch, sunflower seeds, and sundried tomatoes. As I recall I was making this a lot with a mustardy dressing and it was good.
I'll stop there for now. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue blogging but my OCD won't let me leave these food photos lingering. I miss you guys, though! There are at least one or two other posts in the works. See you then.